3 Companies that Need to Stop Making Commercials

Have you ever seen a commercial that just made you hope the company would go out of business so you didn’t have to see any more of their idiotic crap? There are a few out there that continue to push out awful advertisements that attempt to be witty and fun, but instead completely suck ass in the worst possible way.


Seriously, those two guys in the car are well past being funny. Sonic tried to phase them out a while back, but they somehow social media’d there way back in.

Using improvisational humor, these guys pretty much make up the whole commercial as they go. Having seen many improv skits in my life, I have come to hope for much more. Apparently, that’s too much. Sonic continues to air this awful freestyle dialog. I really wish they’d come up with something else because this bullshit got old a long ass time ago.


Gilbert Gottfried These are the assholes that use a talking duck for their mascot, previously voiced by the loud, scratchy voiced comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Gilbert is known for his offensive jokes, something he has made a career out of for decades. He is a legendary comedian that is well known for what he does.

A while back, Aflac got pissed off at Gilbert for doing what they already knew he did when they hired him. For fucks sake, when you hire a guy who makes offensive jokes for a living, firing him for making an offensive joke makes you a bigger asshole than you claim he is.

Ever since they dropped Gilbert, the duck commercials have started to suck more than they did to begin with. As time has gone on, they’ve continued down the road of suck ass, but without the voice that made their duck noticed in the first place. Hell, they even hired a new voice actor to imitate the voice Gilbert created. And they aren’t even remotely funny anymore!


After the first Caveman commercial, I couldn’t wait for them to come up with something else. Now, I’m hoping the Cavemen come back and eat this damn gecko.

Geico used to have some very funny commercials. Apparently, they felt that needed to stop so they stuck this stupid ass annoying lizard in their advertisements which ended the funny almost immediately. It’s been an amazingly horrific run ever since and I can only hope the FCC bans them from airing any more advertisements until they finally get their sense of humor back.

Oh, and those pig commercials…no. Stop that shit.

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