A dumbass author at MSN and cloning Pippa Middleton’s ass

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Pipa Middleton's AssI was reading on MSN that Jenny Fitzgerald, a British woman with a butt that was less ideal than she wanted, paid a doctor $10,000 to modify her rump to resemble that of Pippa Middleton. Ok, no big deal. Seems like a ton of money to me, but I don’t know. Maybe the better the butt they’re copying, the higher the cost.

The article is titled “Woman pays $10k for Pippa’s butt, lands shallow fiancé”. The part about her having a shallow fiancé caught my attention (after realizing that she didn’t buy Pippa’s actual ass). I couldn’t believe that a man just offered to marry her because of her butt and she said yes. Guess what: that’s exactly what didn’t happen.

According to the article, the man she is engaged to said that her butt is the reason he noticed her in the first place. That doesn’t make him shallow. If he married her only because of and only for her ass, than that would make him shallow. Noticing a girl or guy because of their ass is natural human behavior. It’s really no different than noticing them because they have nice eyes or a pretty face. What was he supposed to say?

“I noticed her because of her stunning personality from across the room before I ever spoke to her.”

“Her appreciation for mathematical algorithms was so astonishingly brilliant and poetic, that I was able to notice it prior to ever meeting her despite having never seen, heard or read anything about or from her previously.”

“As pen pals, it was her poor spelling and use of uppercase LOLs I noticed first and fell in love with.”

I notice tits and ass because I like tits and assSeriously, noticing someone because they have a nice butt, boobs, face, eyes, hair or other body parts is not a big deal. Everyone does it because it’s part of being a human being to begin with. Trying to pretend you don’t is ridiculous, unless you’re blind because then you obviously can’t notice that first. Maybe if the woman is wearing a burka. Otherwise, you’re full of shit.

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