Alicia Silverstone is a bird

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

Alicia Silverstone thinks she is a bird. She recently posted a video of herself feeding her baby by chewing the food first, and then letting the baby eat it. She now defends this by saying that people have been doing this for thousands of years. Most people thought it was insane that she was doing this, and it makes sense. I’d rather not eat someone else’s spit laden foot that is only a step away from being vomit. But that’s just me. Making out with your child to feed them might be a little strange to some, but apparently it’s perfectly normal to the actress whose only claim to fame seems to be the movie “Clueless”, despite being in several other films and worshiped as a sex goddess in the 90s. But that’s all anyone ever remembers her in, even though she shared the screen with George Clooney in Batman and Robin (though she’s probably happy that people have forgotten that nightmare of a movie).

I talked to my wife about the crazy thing she is doing and she was more repulsed by it than I was. Sure, this is something that has been done for thousands of years but she may not be aware that something was invented a while back to prevent you from needing to do this. They may not offer it at the stores she shops at, but it’s worth it to ask. They call it BABY FOOD! I imagine that since this has been done for thousands of years, she’s also hunting her own food with a stick and living in a hut outside in the woods somewhere. You know, that’s been done for thousands of years, too. Or is is Gerber too much progress for you to handle?

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