An Update on the Missing Girls

Unlike many stories about missing children, this one had a happy ending. Previously on Voice of Crazy, I was ranting and yelling about my distaste for how the local news outlets completely ignored the disappearance of two young girls. With only one news outlet covering the story, one which had no where near the same reach as it’s competitors, the girls were still found safe.

Both 12 year old Abigail Caitlin Cox and 14 year old Ivy Shelar were found safe, and are back home. The growing consensus for why the local news outlets ignored this is that the girls ran away. That’s why they weren’t placed on the Amber Alert system, and is likely why the news outlets ignored it.

That, is fucked up.

When a 12 year old goes missing, regardless of how, someone needs to give a shit. I don’t care if she ran away. Not using your massive power to help, and instead sitting on your ass like so many did, is something I find very irresponsible. When you can find time in your day to give us stupid pictures of ducks to caption, or let us know about some asshole who got arrested for riding his moped the wrong way, you basically look like a douche bag for not fitting in an alert about a couple missing girls between those highly important, thought provoking and ground breaking stories.

So this is all over. Hopefully those two girls don’t do this again. I don’t know why they ran away, but they should be able to see the community, those who knew at least, tried to support finding them. At 12 and 14, perspectives are goofy. By the time you get into your 20s and 30s, you start looking back at your teenage life and think “wow, what the hell was I thinking?”

Or in my case it’s often “damn I was a fucking dumb ass.” That’s a thought I’ve had frequently.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the news will change their crap around and use their power to help the kids who go missing. Seriously, it’s pretty shitty to not try just because it would be hard or doesn’t fit into the technical definition of an Amber Alert.

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