Annoyances in Modern Warefare 3

Like a lot of people, I have Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3. Since part two was so kick ass, I had hopes that the third would be just as good (though I had doubts since prior to this installment, the majority of Infinity Ward left to form another company).

My favorite part of MW3 is the survival mode. I always wished they had this feature in the second game, after seeing how much fun such a mode was when Valve introduced it into the game Left 4 Dead. I often times played specific levels on that edition simply because they had a hell of a lot of people to fight against. Still, they eventually exhausted.

I almost only play survival mode. When my sister-in-law is hanging out with me, we play the regular co-op missions, but otherwise I’m glued to the survival mode. Lately, a few things have been pissing me off about it, so I thought I’d go through a few of the annoyances in Modern Warefare 3.

No Bonus adjustment for Dual Helicopter Fight or Juggernauts

Survival mode works on a money system. Instead of points for kills, less damage taken, speed of gameplay, and other random stuff, you get money. You have to use this money to buy weapons, ammunition and other perks for your character.

One of the ways to boost your wallet is by achieving special bonuses. The game randomly selects which two bonuses you can achieve for each round. One of these that you’ll see often is Rampage. Basically kill as many people as you can as fast as you can. If you kill 5 (maybe 4) people in a before the rampage meter can drop, you get $500. Each time you achieve a bonus in the round, the price increases by $500, so you have multiple chances to get a heavy bonus.

Rampage is pretty easy to get. Killstreak involves killing 4 people in a row without getting hurt. This one is a little harder, but can be achieved over and over again. There are others, such as Quad Kill (kill 4 people with one shot, easily done with a Predator Missile or brick of C4) or Knife Streak (kill 4 people in a row with a knife only), but what makes no sense is that the bonuses don’t adjust for rounds which they can’t be achieved.

On round 6 of the first map (my favorite), you have to fight two helicopters at once. How the hell am I supposed to knife streak a helicopter? There should be an adjustment made to allow for a Rampage type of bonus on that fight. For instance, take down both helicopters in less than 20 seconds and win a bonus. This would of course require a Predator and an LMG, but it could be done.

Another one is the Juggernaut fight. There are three waves where you only fight Juggernauts. You get one on the 10th round, two on the 15th round, and three on the 20th round. How the fuck am I supposed to Quad kill one guy? Is he going to somehow die 4 times?

A rampage style attack on the Juggernaut would work if they based it on consecutive hits or damage done within a time period, sort of like the way it works with kills. Obviously this would be easy to achieve with a Predator missile, but it would be no different than achieving a Quad kill with one.

Barrett has lost it’s edge

The Barrett used to be badass. A 50-caliber sniper rifle that could rip your ass off from across the map. This gun was killer, and was necessary if you wanted to quickly take down a Juggernaut in Modern Warfare 2.

The Barrett has improved in one respect. It’s now rapid fire. It blasts bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger on the controller. However, it now fails at killing the Juggernaut as easily. Instead of emptying one clip into him and dropping him, you now go through two before he’s down. Either the Juggernaut is tougher, or the Barrett has become the USAS of Battlefield: nerfed to uselessness. I’m leaning toward that option, since anytime I play the Juggernaut on co-op missions, I’m easier to kill than my opponents. Seriously, what the hell happens when you put the suit on? Do they just give you a shitty one made of toilet paper?

C4 Randomly Exploding

The most annoying thing about MW4 is the C4 bug. I have a particular strategy I’ve been playing lately that involves the use of a lot of C4. On the first Survival level, once I can buy C4, I stock up. I head into the center building and drop one in the room closest to the Explosives area, two in the room near the kitchen (one near the wide open door and one near the door that leads to the Airsupport area), one on the concrete patio near the steps, one in the open area just down the steps toward the street, one right at the entrance at the street, and then one a few feet into the open that leads to the Airsupport area.

Once my C4 is ready, I run back into the building and hide in the kitchen. I wait for the opposing forces to show up and once I get enough of them in the area, I blow the C4. For the first 20 or so rounds, I can usually take out the whole wave at once. This is great for grabbing Rampage, Killstreak and Quad kill bonuses. So if you haven’t tried that, give it a shot, but beware the assholish thing the game does.

Randomly, without any warning at all, the game will sometimes detonate your C4. Why? Because it’s a fuckbag that hates the fact that you’re winning. I recently had this shit happen to me while I was setting it and the fucking thing damn near killed me. It put me on the ground and I had to use my revive to get up. So not only did I spend $3000 to buy all of this C4, but I now had to spend another $4000 to get a revive again. Plus, I had nothing to show for it. The C4 was exploded so I was going to have to fight my way through the wave. No big deal since it was wave 6, but a stupid ass bug that they have yet to fix cost me $7000.

That bug happens a lot. I spend the money and time to distribute the C4 and then get face fucked by Infinity Ward when the damn game blows it all up. Meanwhile, they are hard at work making extra shit you have to buy, rather than fixing the shit in the base version of the game.

This will probably be the last Call of Duty Game I buy. This one is not as much like the second one as I was hoping, and the C4 buy just pisses me off even more.


Update: 12/31/12

So I’ve decided that since Activision doesn’t care about the C4 bug that has been plaguing the game since it came out, I’m not buying any more of these games. Seriously, the bug is well known and pisses people off. Instead of fixing it, they decided to make a bunch of other content for you to purchase instead. You can keep it. You don’t want to fix the broken shit in the base product itself but expect me to spend money on the additional shit for it. Screw that shit. I’m tired of getting blown up by my own C4 that’s just sitting there while I walk around or reload my gun. Stupid asses.

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