Apple is worth $600 billion, but fuck them

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Fuck your ipodApple just hit a record high, becoming the most valuable country in the world. It’s stock was trading at $644 a share at one point, and likely caused all the Mac crazy fan boys to blow loads in their pants while staring at their Steve Jobs screensaver.

Now, I do own a couple IPods, but that’s about all. I’ve supported their products in the past through a company I worked for, but most of my dealings with their systems were less than ideal. That may be because I’m a Windows user and have been for the last 300 years, and Apple isn’t something I was used to. Still, the interface on most Linux computers via Gnome or KDE seemed to be easier for me to deal with than finding my way around a Mac. But again, that’s just me and my perspective of them and likely because it’s not something I was accustomed to.

My biggest issue with Apple is being caused by my IPod touch. I have a second generation IPod touch and have found it increasingly difficult to find apps for it. More often than not am I running across the dreaded “Fuck you, this requires an upgraded OS that you can’t use! Go buy a new IPod, bitch!” message that comes up (I’m paraphrasing, of course). I’m sure that they could make this IPod run that OS but then I wouldn’t be forced to buy a new IPod. Hell, the only reason I have this one is because my 20 Gig Classic broke, which was common among those of its kind.

This is only an addition to my irritation with Apple though. I wasn’t aware that Flash wouldn’t run on these until I tried to pull up a Flash based website. Instead of seeing the website, I got to see a little box. Because Apple is afraid of Flash, I’m stuck with a shitty browser that won’t allow me to see the whole web, while other products work perfectly fine with Flash. I also can’t upload to websites through their browser because of security limitations. Sure, I can if the site has an app they made specifically for this purpose, but if they didn’t then I’m stuck. So I won’t be buying any more Apple products. The elitist attitude it carries with it is annoying by itself, but when I can do things better with competing products, I have no reason to stay. So while everyone is running out to buy the new IPad, I’ll look more at devices by Toshiba and Samsung, both of which who have remarkably better products for me.

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