Ariana Grande thinks you’re stupid

For those who don’t know, I was a fan of the show Sam and Cat. It was a show by Nickelodeon that starred the deliciously sexy Jennette McCurdy alongside Ariana Grande. The show was great. Jennette McCurdy played a tough as nails mat eating hotty while Ariana played someone who clearly lacked most of her brain cells. Based on the news recently, it’s starting to look like Ariana wasn’t pretending.

A few days ago, a video popped up in the news that shows Ariana licking donuts in a shop and stating that she hates Americans and America. Yes, she’s licking donuts available for purchase, and not purchasing them. In other words, there may be people out there who bought the donuts this dumb ass decided to slobber all over.

After this made the news, she immediately went into “Apology Mode”, something that comes standard with celebrities these days. They use it after the news or the Internet picks up on something asinine they did. They don’t really mean it, but because people are mad at them and affecting their bank account and fame, they start up the apology machine.

Ariana clearly thinks we’re all stupid. She’s not sorry. This dumb fuck did this shit in plain view, in public. Expecting us to believe you are actually sorry about doing something you knew was wrong to begin with speaks volumes about how little your apology actually means. And it’s not a mistake. You did the shit on purpose, knowing it was wrong.

Fans of hers are basically doing the same shit Beliebers do. They’ve jumped up her ass again to support her, despite the bad behaviour. Fuck her and those brain dead douchebags. You decided to act like a disgusting cunt and we’re supposed to be OK with it? I’m so damn sick of these moronic shitheads. Bieber does bad shit all the time and gets away with it. Lindsay Lohan should have been locked away years ago. Now we have this dumb ass doing this crap?

In her video, she goes on about how she’s extremely proud to be an American. Oh shut the fuck up. You slam everyone in the country, as well as the country itself, then try to back peddle your way out of it? I hope Trace Adkins kicks your ass.

To cover up and try to distract from her bullshit antics, she tries to explain it away in her video. “What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the doughnuts, was taken out of context, and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.”


We don’t give a fuck if it was in a private moment. That has nothing to do with it. You can’t privately lick and spit on donuts in a store you stupid bitch. If what you said was out of context (apparently done on the 4th of July at that), what was the context? And how would you have said this differently?

She also tries to bullshit us further by going on about how passionate she is about eating healthy and blaming childhood obesity for her actions. She didn’t actually say that, but trying to distract us with this garbage about the food we eat frustrating her is clearly an attempt to lay at least part of the blame there. She would have been better off not saying anything about that shit and simply saying “Yes I did it, I’m a dumb ass. I’m going to pay for the donuts and turn myself in, as this was actually a crime.”

But that didn’t happen because she wants to try to wiggle her way out of it.

As you can guess, there has been a bit of backlash. The NY Daily News reports that she was supposed to be appearing at a concert in Cincinnati but backed out due to having emergency oral surgery. Right, she’s having her foot and entire ass removed from her mouth. It’s likely that she knows what would happen at that concert and can’t face up to the consequences when she gets booed the moment she steps on stage.

I recently read on Hollywoodlife.com that some random inside source (meaning this person may not even know what they are talking about, if they even exist) says that Ariana thinks everyone is going overboard. You spit on food someone was going to buy you dumb bitch! How would you like it if I did that to something you were going to eat?

The source stated that people are “acting like she committed a felony or something and she feels very attacked. She’s human she has feelings, people are being really mean at this point, it’s upsetting.”

And the people who ate her spit saliva donuts don’t have feelings? They aren’t human? They don’t matter? Fuck her. She deserves to feel attacked. Maybe she’ll stop acting like a stupid twat. You don’t get to whine about your feelings when you’re the one who did something wrong! Quit trying to turn her into the victim, she’s the one who did the shit!

Anyway, back to you Pat.



Photo by Melissa Rose

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  1. I never knew who Ariana Grande was until recently. I just thought she was some twit with little brains, no looks, and dressing in a bunny ear headband. Now, I have learned who and what she is and feel that she has little talent and absolutely no looks. She is more of a scum fuck cumdumpster

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