Bailed out AIG Sues the Government for Taxes

I’m wondering what AIG is expecting to happen. Let’s say they get the money back. Would they be pissed off if instead of giving it to them in cash, they simply applied it to the ginormous debt? Or would they perhaps turn around and give that money to a few of the executives as bonus payments like they did a few years ago? Either way, this lawsuit seems silly when compared to the big and obvious picture. Sure, they have a right to get the money back, but it would make more sense to have that money funneled directly into the hole they’ve dug themselves into with the taxpayers who loaned them a giant amount of money. I don’t see that happening though.AIG, one of the companies that we all were forced to pay to bailout, is now suing the federal government for overpaid taxes. Apparently AIG overpaid their taxes 20 years ago, and with interest rounds up to just over $30 million. Meanwhile, they still own the government $17 billion in bailout money.

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