Chronicle tries to be awesome, instead becomes awful

Remember in the TV show Heroes when Claire was recording herself being injured and not dying, revealing that she had super powers? Well, that’s the premise for this whole movie. It’s a found footage film that shows the lives of three teenagers. One owns the camera and is constantly bullied by his father and classmates, another is his cousin who basically puts up with his weirdness, and the third is a popular kid who is pretty much liked by everyone and appears to be an all around nice guy. Since the main character films everything, the three manage to capture on tape some kind of weird alien creature thing in an underground cave. It does something to them which gives them telekinetic powers, which they use for mostly stupid things.

Now that I’ve explained the movie, I’ll tell you this: the movie was stupid as crap. There was no reason to make this a found film footage movie. It didn’t make it any more believable, but instead made me wonder how the hell all of this footage got mixed together to make the movie–especially the film from the camera that’s buried underground or the one that’s up in the mountains! It seemed more like an excuse to dump a ton of special effects into a found footage style film, sort of like how Michael Bay has to blow up something every 14 minutes. The main character is probably the least likable character I’ve seen in a movie in quite a while. You’re supposed to feel bad for him as he gets bullied constantly, but as he continues to act like a douchebag through the film you’re hoping that he just stops being in it, sort of like Judy in Family Matters. It’s usually not a good idea to base your movie around the most irritating person in the film.

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