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Conspiracy Theories Are Both Amusing and Tragic

That is something I said the other day on Twitter. Immediately following the capture of the second bomb throwing douchebag, the handful of conspiracy theories that were out there were joined by a massive host of new ones. Why? Because nothing can ever be what it is.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that conspiracies never happen. I’m saying that they don’t ALWAYS happen. For any tragedy, especially one that could be politically or religiously motivated, a hidden agenda must be present; something that we aren’t seeing. It can’t just be what it looks like. A chicken, just because it looks like, talks like, and acts like a chicken, must be a goat.

Most people, in general, don’t believe the government. The reason is simply due to a history of lies, deceit and utter bullshit that has damn near annihilated any hope of redemption for it and the officials that have destroyed it. Because of that, when something happens and the government is involved, people suddenly become Mel Gibson overnight, all knowing the “real truth”–a real truth that usually isn’t supported by anything other than more bullshit.

Because of the conspiracy theories that bounce around with pretty much every major event, news organizations will be quick to pick up on them and fan the flames. When they aren’t doing that, they simply invent new ones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen major news networks start speculating on any and everything, just because it could be slightly related to something close to a similar topic. That, is why I don’t watch network news anymore. They have no desire to actual do any reporting because reality is usually pretty boring. Instead, they have to invent a new reality, fill it with “what ifs” and “maybes” to drive up ratings, and then repeat the cycle because nothing new has actually happened. It’s mind numbing.

While conspiracy theories are pretty amusing in that people who buy into them are usually too delusional to see just how crazy they are, they are also tragic. If someone wanted to do something really bad, they could. With a simple lie, implicating the government in a very generalized way, they could easily get the blame shifted. Why? Because people are so quick to believe a conspiracy that they would just go with it.

We have so many people that just make up conspiracy theories that no one needs to actually create one anymore. The public does it for them! Even when it’s proven to be false, people will still believe in it. The best part is that, in the case of the government, people will show the government is lying by using governmental records as proof. Apparently the government only tells the truth when it fits their needs.

Conspiracy theories are stupid. Sure, they make great movies, but beyond that I believe that most of them are complete nonsense. Besides, the sheer number of people who would have to be involved in a conspiracy to make it happen is usually astronomical. It’s not like a movie. You don’t have 4 people who can somehow make everything happen. Reality isn’t that convenient.

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