Drunk driver glorified by the news

I probably should have worded the title differently. It should have been “News outlets glorify another stupid asshole”. That’s more along the lines of the reality of it.

Some dumb fuck in Texas got arrested for drunk driving. In response to this, her father took away her car. This forced her to ride a bike around her college campus, the University of Texas at Austin’s West Campus and Texas State. Most people wouldn’t have a problem with that, especially after getting a DWI arrest. Tara Monroe on the other hand, did have a problem with it.

Using her college education, the 20 year old eloquently explained her issue with biking:

“Riding a bike around campus sucks,” she told “Like really sucks.”

Yep, college is clearly paying off.

Since riding a bike is clearly beneath her, she decided the only logical thing to do was to ride around in a Barbie Jeep instead. Yes, a Barbie Jeep, the toy for children. Considering the fact that this dumb bitch has the mind of a 5 year old, I guess this makes sense.

The news gave her attention

The only reason I even noticed this idiot is because the local news station here — in North Carolina — is covering what is apparently the most interesting and groundbreaking news the country has right now. They have decided to provide a platform for a moron to show how absolutely stupid she actually is. And it’s more than that. They’re giving the spotlight to a drunk driver. Remember, she was arrested and charged with a DWI. Her license was suspended. This worthless piece of shit didn’t care about the people she could have hurt when driving her car while intoxicated, and now she’s making fun of the situation by doing this crap.

And the news is feeding her. The local station here covered the story without a hint of giving a shit about these particular facts. They focused on the ridiculous behavior she’s showing, and have decided to turn her into some kind of humor story. Would they have done the same thing if she hurt somebody instead of just getting pulled over and arrested?

The best decision she’s made in college

According to the fucktard on the Barbie Jeep, this is the best decision she’s made in college. I’m sure her parents are proud. Or highly embarrassed. Maybe her dad can take a fire axe to the Power Wheels she is riding around on and tell her to straighten the fuck up. Or maybe she’ll just keep doing stupid shit and hurt herself or someone else one day.

1024x1024-3Thanks to the Internet, future employers should be able to find this information as well. She’s made national headlines. I’m sure they’ll be happy to Google her name and find out that the person applying to work for their business doesn’t care about other people, that she likes to make light of serious situations and has no respect for her parents or school. After all, if she cared about other people, she wouldn’t drink and drive. If she appreciated the situation itself, she’d act like a normal adult and not a spoiled, bratty 5 year old. If she had respect for her parents, she’d understand how this reflects on them and what a lot of people think of them because of her actions (personally, I blame her 100%, not her parents).

Yes, your employers will Google you, Tara Monroe. They will run background checks. They will find out about your DWI. They will find your mug shots, in which you’re smiling about your arrest. And they will understand that customers of theirs may Google the people working for them and choose not to do business with them because of you.

It would be nice to see what her parents think of this. They had enough sense to take away her car, so what do they think of this? Especially after it has become a national…no, international story.

It would also be great if she never got her license back. Getting a DWI should pretty much remove that forever, especially for someone who doesn’t seem to care that it happened.

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