Flight takes a queue from the best scene in the film

Denzel Washington is a pretty great actor. Most people can agree on that. So when you see that he’s in a new movie, you automatically think it will be great. That’s what we thought when we saw the advertisements for Flight.

Warning: There will be spoilers through this because it’s a review of the movie. If you intend to watch the movie, don’t read this. Well, maybe you should actually.

The movie is about a man who is not just an alcoholic but also a coke head. He’s an airline pilot who has several years under him and is liked by his co-workers (very well liked as we see in the beginning when a hot naked flight attendant gets out of his bed). While on the flight that the movie is based around, they have a mechanical failure on the plane that causes it to crash. Denzel manages to do some tricky Battlefield 3 flight maneuvers and crashes the plane down in a field, saving 96 out of the 102 people on board. However, his drinking and drug use is what the movie is actually about.

Throughout the movie, we see this man continue to get smashed to the point where you believe he could drink Norm Peterson under the table. He’s hiding from the media the whole time, but still gets completely shit faced. Through the film they keep bringing up how the drinking and drugs will be used against him to try to prove that was why the plane crashed. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t the reason or that there are facts that prove it’s impossible to blame him. Nope, it’s all on you!

Like this article title suggests, this movie was good up to the point where the plane crashed. That’s when the movie decided to do the same thing. It’s almost as if the writers weren’t paying attention to what they were writing. Everyone is ignoring the black box recordings that would prove he wasn’t the reason this plane went down. Those recordings would have shown that he was asleep when it happened, as the co-pilot and flight attendant mentioned and joked about just before the plane went ape shit. I’m guessing the NTSB were going to claim it was done via telepathy.

flight-movie-poster-30The whole movie is a long drawn out bunch of stupid. It’s based around an alcoholic being an alcoholic. He hooks up with a cute drug addict who decides to clean her life up and drops him out of it. He goes to see his ex-wife and son who clearly don’t give a shit about him, considering they never once showed up to see if he was alive. You could say they may not know because maybe he never called them, but that wouldn’t really matter considering the news was stalking him like Beliebers stalk that mop headed fucktard.

As the movie hits it’s final scenes, any hope for redemption goes down the toilet. Just before his hearing, the now sober pilot wakes up in his hotel room to a banging noise. It’s a door that leads to the next room over, smacking it’s deadbolt against the wall. He walks into the room, notices their mini fridge is full of alcohol and drinks ALL of it. While it’s never mentioned, this could have only been a setup by someone. How the hell do you leave that door open with the deadbolt out? However, it was never explained so it just remains a stupid part of the movie that seems more like the writers not knowing how to get him drunk again.

The next day, he hits the hearing, answers the questions and they determine that the cause was mechanical failure. They even point out the part of the plane that was broken. Rather than stop there, they go on to ask about two empty bottles of alcohol that were found. Since his toxicology report has been stricken, they decide to place the blame on the flight attendant he recently boned. Considering she’s dead now (one of the 6 people who died), she’s not there to say it wasn’t her.

Rather than let this go, he decides to say fuck everything and confess to being drunk. What in the flying fuck for?! This made absolutely no sense. Decide to lie about everything in the movie, then tell the truth at the end to completely destroy all of your lies.

The end of the movie shows him in jail, where his family now loves him again for some reason. They proved it was mechanical failure, but he’s in jail. I’m guessing it was for being drunk and not for manslaughter charges like they were saying he could be charged with if they found him guilty of crashing the plane. However, he’s in prison talking about how he wrote letters to the families of those who lost people on the flight, expressing his sorrow. What in the fuck?! Now he believes he killed them? Is he drunk now? Were the writers of this movie drunk when they wrote this? Should I have been drunk while watching it? I’m guessing it would have made more sense if I was!

So in conclusion, if you haven’t seen this movie, watch it while you’re drunk, but make sure the TV is off at the time.

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