Getting back to Business

So it’s been several months since I’ve done anything. I could invent a variety of reasons that no one would believe, but instead I’ll just use the truth: I’m Batman. It’s true. I’ve been living with this secret for years now, and I’m finally ready to tell the world.

Lately I’ve been busy–very busy. I’ve been working on a variety of projects, including a lot of music and gaming related videos. I’ve also had a lot of work and life stuff going on. Basically, I’ve been on hiatus for a while to get other things done.

I’ll be back to regular podcasting again soon. I say that like “regular” means something here. I do have a habit of podcasting back to back and then getting off track for a while, but the plan is to get back to an actual schedule. And by actual schedule, I mean one that makes more sense than the one I’ve been on.

So for now, back to fighting for truth, justice and cheeseburgers. That, and watching The 4400. Now, if Netflix would just add Matlock and the rest of the Law & Order series, I would be happier.


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