Grave Encounters 2

The first Grave Encounters movie was one of the several found footage horror films that have flooded the genre since Paranormal Activity hit and made people shit their pants with fear. Though it failed in many ways in it’s attempt to catch the same effect that P.A. brought with it, it wasn’t a bad movie. I actually enjoyed the film for the most part, as it continued to get stranger as it went on. It also showed how a lot of these ghost hunting television shows really are, which I personally thought was a perfect touch to add to the film.

If you haven’t seen the first movie, don’t read the next paragraph. 

Assuming you either have already watched the first or you have no intention of watching it, I’ll get into the sequel. The sequel is nothing short of stupid as fuck. In the original film, everyone dies. In the second, we are introduced to a character who believes the original movie was actually real, that the actors in the film really did die. He goes through a variety of evidence to prove his theory, and convinces all of his friends of it’s horrific validity.

Then they go there.

OK, if you really believed this, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU GO THERE!? That is beyond stupid! It’s like the assholes in The Blair Witch Project, heading out in the woods to find something that supposedly kills people, and only arming themselves with cigarettes and sleeping bags. What the fuck kind of stupid shit head would do that?

Honestly, they should have never made this movie. It was ridiculously bad. The only saving grace for the entire film was that Leanne Lapp is beautiful and has a superb rack, that we unfortunately never got to see. Still, the movie was awful. The need to do so many cut scenes completely took away from any feeling of realism. Also, I really wanted someone in the movie to kick the main character in the nuts and tell him to stop being so fucking irritating. When they showed up at the location of the mental hospital, they seemed to act as if the security guard was the one in the wrong and they could do whatever they wanted. Besides the fact that they were in a completely different country now, they were also on private property. It would have been nice if he just had them arrested and the film ended.

This movie made me think of a combination of House On Haunted Hill, 28 Days Later, and Rose Red. The 28 Days Later reference being from the beginning of the film, where the animal rights activists thought they could do whatever they wanted, then killed the world in their arrogance. In this case, these douchebags thought they could invade this place so they could show the secret to the world, then stupidly let the door shut (seriously, did they even watch the first movie?) and got their asses kicked. The original movie idea was great. This one was not. I really thought I was going to like this one since the first one was good.

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