Hobby Lobby Leverages Employee Jobs Against Personal Religious Beliefs

Hobby Lobby is in the news right now because they refuse to comply with Obamacare, the health care reform put forth by President Obama (hence, the name). The reason is because it requires them to provide birth control, including the morning after pill which they say is the same as abortion. Their argument: it’s against their religious beliefs.

First of all, you don’t have any religious beliefs you stupid fuck, you’re a company! People, have religious beliefs, not inanimate objects. It’s a very bad idea for a company to try to subject it’s owners religious beliefs on their employees. All it does is create an unnecessary shit storm.

Chick-fil-a went through a tornado of attack after the owner decided to use his company to declare that marriage should be between a man and a woman. People got pissed off, while others stood up saying that he should have the right to do that. Fine, he has the right to do that but when it’s affecting his employees and their businesses, he’s a stupid selfish fuck. I’m not sure the franchise owners were very happy about the loss of business that they had to recoup because this dickhead decided to blanket his personal beliefs on top of their businesses.

Hobby Lobby clearly gives less than two shits about their employees because as it stands, starting January 1st they will be fined $1.3 million a day for non compliance. Rather than provide a pill stops a woman from getting pregnant, they prefer to let their employees suffer with what will likely be unemployment as there is no way they will be able to pay this fine for very long. We’re talking about $40 million a month leaking from a business simply because the owners decided their employees are going to follow their religious beliefs, despite the fact that they may have other beliefs themselves.

So what’s the big fuss about? A pill. Just a stupid pill that prevents a woman from getting pregnant. They say that it’s the same as abortion. Well, in that case so are condoms, blowjobs, handjobs, self masturbating, and wet dreams. The morning after pill fucks up the normal process by either stopping ovulation or disrupting the ability of the sperm and egg to meet. It doesn’t kill a baby, or even the messy blob that would eventually become a baby. It just performs the same function as a condom by preventing the sperm to jump into the egg. Once that happens, you’re too late. This pill does nothing.

I’ve seen a lot of people standing up for Hobby Lobby, citing religious persecution against them. However, that’s the same thing that Hobby Lobby is doing to it’s employees.  They are letting their religious views dictate for their employees. What if the employee they hired doesn’t give a fuck about their religion? They still have to bend to it simply because you own the company? What a douchey cuntbag you are.

Because the owners don’t agree with something, they are putting their employees jobs on the line. Yes, their jobs that they use to feed, clothe and house their families with. As a business owner, your business comes first, always. You should not put your personal religious faith in front of people who have nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter that it’s your company because you have a responsibility to thousands of actual real life people who are all going to suffer because you have your head up your ass.

Because some stupid ass people are going to completely miss the point, let me spell it out clearly. I’m not defending Obamacare. I am not attacking anyone’s religious belief. I am attacking stupid ass business owners who decide to put their religious beliefs in front of their employees and make them have to deal with the consequences of it. This will not cause a problem for the people who own the company. They will simply blame the government and say that it is the reason why their company went under. It’s bullshit and they know it.

Your business has no beliefs. It’s not capable of having a belief. It’s a bunch of paper, buildings and products. It has as much chance of having a belief as a roll of toilet paper, which if it could, would be praying right now thanks to the Taco Bell I had earlier.

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