How McDonalds ended our 30 year relationship in 30 minutes

A couple months ago my wife and I went to our our local McDonalds, on Fayetteville Street in Asheboro, North Carolina. It’s literally 2 miles down the road, so it catches a lot of business from us. In fact, in the two weeks leading up to that day I had been there at least a dozen times.

We decided to go there to pick up something to eat for dinner. Our two year old enjoys the Happy Meals, mostly because of the fries, the apples and the toy she gets. We knew she would have no problem with that. When we got to the drive through, my wife ordered a 3 piece Chicken Selects meal, while I decided to get one of their Angus Burger meals.

We pulled ahead, paid for the order, and got to the next window. While waiting, we noticed a car ahead of us had pulled up to wait for their order. There was also another car in the #2 parking space for people waiting on their orders. After a few seconds, someone came to the window and asked us to pull over and they would bring it out. Shocking.

We sat there in the #1 spot waiting. This waiting went on for a while. Finally someone came out and brought food to our car, but it turned out it was for the car next to us. They took their food and drove off. We waited some more. And more.

While waiting like this may be fun for the idiots who run this location, it’s not so great when you have a complaining and hungry 4 year old in the back seat.

Finally I noticed that it had been nearly twenty minutes since we had been asked to pull over. To make matters worse, no one was in the drive through. Not one car. So either they forgot about us or it takes a long ass time to make Chicken Selects.

My wife pulled the car around through the drive through and told the guy that we hadn’t gotten our order. He thought she said she hadn’t gotten a part of it. I said back through the speaker that we didn’t get any of it. He had us pull up and he took our receipt to the manager. A few minutes later he comes back, tells us that they had a mix up and didn’t know which food was ours, then asks us to pull up to the next window, saying that they are getting it fixed. Instead of coming to ask us what we ordered, they let us sit there waiting and getting mad.

We get to the next window and another guy tries to hand us ice cream cones, thinking we are the car behind us. My wife explains that we didn’t get our food and that’s why we are here. He asks us to pull up. My wife says no, so him and someone else tell her that we need to pull up. They say the manager will say the same thing. I was about to get pissed off and start yelling at them, but I let her deal with it. Not to belittle my wife, but that’s what I should have done. She asked them “if I pull up, are you going to bring me my food this time?” and they say yes. We pull up.

As if you had to be told this, we waited again. This time for 10 minutes. My wife got out and went inside. After several minutes, she came back out, completely pissed off. We drove away and she explained what happened.

When my wife went in, she told them that she wanted to speak to the manager. When the manager came out to speak to my wife, my wife explained what is going on and tells her that she wants a refund. The manager turns around and yells something in Spanish at a guy who is placing food in bags. He sounds upset and says “it’s almost ready, we’re just waiting on the Chicken Selects”. The manager, Marianna, continues on her way, completely ignoring what my wife said about a refund. A few minutes go by and the guy hands her the food. She asked if the manager was coming back, so he goes to get her.

Once the manager came back, my wife again told her she wanted a refund. She wasn’t going to spend money at a place that treats her like that. My wife got the impression that the manager didn’t want to deal with her either, so she grabbed the bags and pulled them toward her while saying “So you don’t want your food?”, as if my wife is going to grab them and run out the door. We already paid for this shit to begin with, so I can’t really imagine what this woman is thinking. Maybe she was trying to entice us back to wanting the food, I don’t know.

My wife tells her “No, not if I’m going to be treated like this. I’ve been waiting over 30 minutes for my food, and my daughter is in the car crying.” She was, and it wasn’t a lot of fun to sit through. In fact, it’s pretty bad when a kid who loves Happy Meals like she does asks you if we can just go home because she’s hungry and tired of sitting in the car waiting. Having her say that just pissed me off at McDonalds even more.

The manager proceeds to blame her staff for the problems, saying they accidentally gave our food to the wrong people. This is where my wife and I differ. My wife said “Well that was not my fault” to which I would have said “who gives a shit who they gave it to, why didn’t you make mine and bring it to me, or at least come tell me what was going on?” She said the manager seemed irritated with her and started to issue the refund. My wife told her that she wasn’t trying to cause any problems, which caused the manager to snap at her saying “it’s no problem”, which it very obviously was considering how much bullshit we had to go through. My wife asked her who was above her, and asked for her name.

After we left, we went out to Arbys and Wendy’s instead. They are about 7 miles from our house, but about 200 feet from each other. We got there, got our food from both locations, and got home in less time than we spent at McDonalds.

We were in the process of painting our house and rearranging most of it, so my wife waited a couple days to email the supervisor listed on our McDonalds receipt. That was on June 4th. That supervisor, Karen Navarro, has never emailed back.

Because of this, I’m never going to McDonalds again. We’ve not spent one penny there since, and never will. Instead, Wendy’s, Burger King, Arbys, Subway, and KFC have many times over been the receivers of our money. I used to spend a lot of money at McDonalds, but no longer. Thanks to the manager Marianna being a terrible manager, and Karen Navarro ignoring my wife’s email, McDonalds can kiss my ass.

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