If 15 year olds can vote, I should be able to fuck them

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Recently I was listening to talk radio and heard a debate about lowering the voting age to 15 or 16. This was a debate by adults. Adults who have college degrees, so they are at least partially educated.

From what one of the pundits said, they have faith in our youth. This is clearly a person who has never visited MySpace. I have absolutely no faith in anyone of that age being able to make a responsible decision for something that important. You barely let these assholes drive and you want to allow them to vote for leaders of our country? Remind yourself that these are the same people who think Lady Gaga is cool and who would love to bare Justin Beiber’s mutant children.

If 15 year olds can vote, I can fuck them
If 15 year olds can vote, I can fuck them

As the debate went on, I couldn’t help but find myself wanting to punch someone with a brick. It remained a completely ridiculous subject, yet they were discussing it like it should actually be an option. I believe that if you do allow them to vote, I should be able to fuck them. Forget this 18 year old bullshit. If you’re going to give a 15 year old the power to decide who’s going to run anything, they should be considered adults and fuckable. Child porn laws have to be rolled back and these fuckers need to start getting full time jobs. If you’re going to act like an adult, you will be treated like one. And you’re getting fucked.

I can imagine how these teens would vote. Whoever seems most hip gets the votes. Robert Pattinson could murder babies with a hammer on live TV and you’d still have these Twilight fuckheads ready to blow him. What do you think they’re going to do when you let them vote for shit that not only effects you, but the whole world?

Of course, most of the politicians are worthless piles of garbage anyway, so why don’t we just elect half eaten sandwiches instead. They’d probably be better choices. But that’s another (long) topic.

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