Is Megan Fox Too Stupid to Figure Out Twitter?

A few days ago, Megan Fox finally got off her ass and made a Twitter account. Only 5 days later, she gave up. Why? She couldn’t figure out the point of Twitter.

Seriously, you have to be a stupid as fuck dumb ass if you can’t figure out Twitter. Nancy Pelosi figured out Twitter. Nicki Minaj figured out Twitter. Ashton Kutcher figured out Twitter.

Ashton. Fucking. Kutcher.

With over 270,000 followers, Megan is currently following no one. This means she must think she’s on the same level as The Rock, or this royalty status people seem to have placed on her has gone to her head. The concept of giving a shit about what other people might have to say apparently never occurred to her, so for the last few days she’s said nothing, sending some fans through a spiraling descent of sadness. Well, probably not.

The Point of Twitter

On the off chance that Megan Fox finds this site and isn’t so enraged that she punches her computer and goes on a rampage killing chickens with bricks, I’ll explain the point of Twitter for her.

Twitter is simply a social network which allows you to post whatever 140 character status update that you want, and connect to people around the world so you can follow their updates. That’s all. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Hell, it doesn’t even take a person with a fully functional brain to figure it out.

So, will Megan come back? Who cares. Fuck her. I can only imagine that her post on Twitter was to gain attention to herself again because no one can be so dumb that they can’t figure out the point behind Twitter. Paris Hilton figured it out for fucks sake, and she has damn near 10 million followers. Don’t be less than Paris Hilton, Megan.

But as I said, she can’t really be that stupid. She’s posting on Facebook, which means she’s at least smart enough to figure out how to do that. If you can understand how to navigate that deranged mess of crazy, you better be able to figure out the point of Twitter. Not being able to is like being a nuclear engineer who can’t understand the point of shoes.

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