Some shocked Jessica Simpson gained weight after baby

Pictures of Jessica Simpson’s post-baby body are starting to hit the scene, and of course people are slamming her for it. Because she’s a celebrity, this is to be expected. However, the people who are shocked and talking shit are clearly missing a few brain cells if they think this looks is abnormal. She just had a baby for fucks sake you dumbasses.

Some are shocked that Jessica Simpson gained weight after pregnancy, like it’s abnormal or something.

I’m not a fan of Jessica Simpson by any means or stretch of the imagination, but I do find it beyond stupid that people can’t understand that a woman gains weight when she has a baby, especially if she’s not hitting the gym like a crazed over the top testosterone charged Jillian Michaels….which is actually just a regular Jillian Michaels now that I think about it. In fact, some women can’t get rid of that extra weight no matter how much work they put into it. So if she doesn’t make a miraculous Jessica Alba type of change, I’m not going to be surprised or even care. Not a big deal.

I was reading on Yahoo’s OMG (their celebrity blog) that Kendra Wilkinson came out to defend her, stating “People need to just mind their own business”. My original thought was about just how stupid that is. The former playboy model and current reality TV star says on a gossip blog that people need to mind their own business. I don’t think I can add anything else to that sentence to make it any more asinine. A reality star saying people need to mind their own business is like Bob Ross telling people not to use paint, especially after he models nude for a very public magazine. If you just threw up in your mouth at that image, I completely understand.

Since Jessica Simpson is a celebrity, she can’t expect people to mind their own business. People are going to have their head stuck up her ass forever. This will not change. It would be nice if this was different, but when it comes to celebrities, their lives are public. It just goes with the territory unfortunately.

That’s really all I have to say about Kendra though. Most of what she said made sense, but the minding your own business line was just dumb. I do understand what she was trying to get at though. As I read through the article, I expected more about her defense for Jessica Simpson. Instead, I read a lengthy article about everything involving Kendra and not Jessica. It was simply a bait and switch article, catching your eye with a sort-of-but-not-really shocking title and then filling it with something completely different. Basically they got the topic related content out of the way in the first two paragraphs and then included 7 more of completely unrelated Kendra life information. It would be like me titling this article “Check out how fat Jessica Simpson is!”. The article is about her weight gain, but I’m actually defending it. The title on the other hand shocks you into wanting to check out the article. I’m thinking that the MSN entertainment writers are moonlighting over at OMG.

So Jessica Simpson is fat now. Big deal. It happens after pregnancy. Reality isn’t a tv show, even on reality TV. Still, she’s likely not shocked by people pointing this fact out. Well, she shouldn’t be at least. Besides, she has to live with it everyday. If she’s clear headed (I know I know, but no jokes) than she’s recognize that the way she looks is normal and everyone else can kiss her enormous (yet normal) ass. And if she has a sense of humor about it like that, than she’ll deal with it even easier.

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