Just Donate the Money Already!

The other day I was reading a label on a food product. I’m not sure which it was now, but it was something that had a top you could remove. It mentioned that if you collect the caps or can tops and send them in, the company would donate money to a particular cause.

The company that was donating the money had a cap on the amount it would donate. It was something like $250,000. The caps being collected were around $0.10 each.

Rather than have everyone run around collecting garbage that they will then turn around and send back to you, why not just donate the money? It’s not like you’re going to sell a lot more of that particular item just because you say you’ll donate money. In fact, you’ve already set the money aside for donating, just in case that number is reached. Wouldn’t it make more sense from a PR standpoint to just donate the money instead of making everyone collect your crap?

This kind of stuff just makes no sense to me. Stop pretending to care. You’re dangling a large check out in front of something that clearly needs the money, and making consumers the fall guys for it. “Sorry kids, the public didn’t buy enough canned corn so we’re only donating about 4% of what we would have. Sure, we had the money set aside, but it’s just going back into the profit column of our quarterly reports.”

Stupid. Absolutely stupid.

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