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Justin Bieber wasn’t speeding, the Earth was spinning fast

A couple weeks ago, Justin Bieber hit the news for driving faster than Tony Stewart while trying to get away from some paparazzi photographers. The big deal with this was of course that he was speeding in excess of 80 miles an hour (over 100 according to a city official who was an eyewitness to the event), which for anyone other than a celebritard would land us in jail. Instead, he was let go with just a ticket driving.

This should piss off everyone. Why? Because the rules are being publicly morphed for douchebags like this. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t make it any less dangerous than if I did it. Actually, as I think about it, it does. Why? Because I’ve been driving a lot longer than this shit bag. He’s 18, and not a stunt driver with years of experience under his belt performing this bullshit in a controlled environment.

According to ABCNews, his “camp” has said the he was not speeding because he was attempting to elude the paparazzi. What kind of stupid fuck sense is that supposed to make? He’s driving 80 fucking miles an hour. That’s speeding you stupid assholes. It doesn’t matter that he’s being followed by the paparazzi, he still knows better than to drive like a crack addict heading for the last rock on earth. He didn’t need to go that fast at all–he CHOSE to go that fast.

Beiber’s camp says he wasn’t speeding, meaning they must believe the speed limit was actually 80 mph.

The only thing people are paying attention to are the paparazzi. That’s all. They want to charge them, kill them, and throw them into a hole somewhere. Now, I can agree that the paparazzi in general are bags of goat shit, but that’s not the whole focus here. Sure, they were chasing him. I’m not sure anyone is really contesting that. However, you can’t chase something that isn’t running, and they obviously wouldn’t have been driving as recklessly as they were if he wasn’t doing the same. Bieber has to catch the blame for his own bullshit behavior, but instead it’s being ignored. Being followed by people who want to take your picture is not an excuse to endanger the lives of others.

Everyone is at fault here, but the rules are being bent for this asshole. His fans of course, will side with Bieber. I wonder if they would have been doing the same if he would have killed someone. No, they’d probably blame the paparazzi for that as well, despite the fact it was Beiber who decided to drive that fast, to weave around traffic through the lanes and shoulder of the road, to drive like a fucking retard. And why? Because they might take his picture. Fuck you asshole. If you don’t want the paparazzi to know it’s you, maybe you shouldn’t drive around in a chrome Batmobile. Also, fuck you City of L.A. for giving this douchebag a pass. I guess next time someone does this and kills someone, you can wave that away as well.

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