The Kristen Stewart Cheating Saga

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonA few days ago the Internet filled with a little more shit than any normal day as news outlets, celebrity blogs and gossip magazines around the world told us that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The speculation was flying off the charts with what happened, so the confusion filled minds of those who read about it had no idea what to think. Did she do this, or that, was she victimized or is she a whorish tramp?

Here is what the actual facts are, based on everything I’ve run across since last writing about this a few days ago. It seems that she did in fact cheat on her boyfriend, despite the retards on Twitter who want to claim differently (I’ll get to them later). She was caught making out heavily with the director of her latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Rupert is an older man by around 20 years, has kids and a wife. A wife who was also in the same damn movie that he was directing his mistress in.

Did they fuck? Who knows. My original interpretation of the story was that they did (hence the reason for the previous post, and the constant references to them having fucked). Do I know if they did? Of course not, I wasn’t there with them. Had I been, I likely would have been screaming.

Perhaps saying they fucked was premature. However, based on what I just read on People.co.uk about the wife’s brother, the affair itself has been going on for months, thus making it a little harder to believe that sex was not involved. It could be that a story broke about something that’s been going on for some time, but it’s unlikely that the two would ever confirm that if they didn’t have to. Still, there is doubt that they did bone like rabbits.

Shortly after the story broke and both of them found out that their secret was out, panic mode struck and they started apologizing publicly. Why they did this, I do not know. For some reason, they care what the rest of us think so much that they would rather take it public than directly to those they hurt. Seriously, a public apology was unnecessary and makes you look more like you’re pandering to your potential security blanket audience to back up your actions.

Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty RossAfterward, Robert Pattinson moved out of the house he shared with Kristen. For some reason, she moved out as well. I’m not really sure why she would do that. It can’t be to escape the reminder of what she’s done to him, because she’d be sitting in her other house thinking “now why the hell am I here instead?…oh yeah, I ruined my life.” As for Liberty Ross, the wife of Rupert Sanders, I’m not sure. I thought I read that she had kicked him out, but not sure anymore so there’s no telling. If she did, I can’t blame her.

While the shit continued to hit the fan, people began coming out of every corner with their idea for the reasoning behind it, consisting mostly of two camps: Camp Rob and Camp Kristen. Both sides are dumb as fuck, but I’ll break them down for you anyway.

This bitch is fucking stupid and delusional.Camp Rob blames Kristen for everything. She’s a tramp who fucked over Robert Pattinson, maliciously trying to destroy his life. They explain about how much he loves her, and how her actions have devastated him as much as the fans. Based on the reactions of some of these “fans”, if Robert Pattinson is this devastated than Kristen is lucky to be alive right now. These people have nothing nice to say about her what so ever, and go as far as to issue death threats to the over anxious actress who could play Tweak in a live action version of South Park.

Camp Kristen is exactly the opposite, but to a different degree of lunacy. Because Rupert is older, he is completely to blame. The fact that he’s married and has kids just adds more “proof” to that theory. I’ve read quotes of these nutjobs on Twitter and message boards and it’s almost laughable how insane they really are. Some have said that Kristen felt trapped and just did it to appease him, as if they actually know what the fuck was happening. Somehow, these people think they were there (some of the same people mind you, who previously stated that the cheating never actually happened). They’ve come up with various thoughts she had, things that she was feeling, all to convince themselves of something other than what is most likely. They have also launched petitions to show their unwavering support and have tried to buy, steal or hide all of the magazines in stores that are covering the scandal. They are of a lunacy only matched by that of Beliebers, and are clearly reaching the same cult-like status.

Where am I in this? I’m with none of them, and there really isn’t any reason anyone else should be either. So you’re a fan of her movies, big deal. I’m a fan of Summer Glau but if she was cheating on her boyfriend, I’m not going to deny that it’s happened. It doesn’t make me any less of a fan, it just means I’m not wearing a blindfold and trying to tell myself that the make believe universe I pretend is real actually is. I’m also certainly not going to blame him more so than her, especially because of his age or marital status. She obviously knew he was married since his wife was staring in the movie with her. And though I’m sure she didn’t check his driver’s license to find out how old he is, Kristen herself is not 4 year olds. She’s 22 years old and to blame him more than her is saying that she is so stupid she didn’t know it was wrong, even if it was all his idea to pursue her.

Team Rob, out for Kristen Stewarts HeadAs the crazy continues, I’ve watched a couple Twitter accounts to see what new lunacy these nutbags have come up with. It’s funny to watch them and see what happens. Anything negative about Kristen, in any way at all, be it even admitting that she may have some guilt in this, is met with either swift opposition or some kind of warped reasoning. Also, if you are a fan of her and you believe she is at fault in any way, you’re now labeled as not being a real fan. Yes, somehow you dislike her acting talent (I almost laughed at those three words being together, not followed by “completely sucks elephant cock”) because of something unrelated. If you don’t fully support any and everything she does, you’re not a real fan and should be cast into the fires of Hades, forthwith.

The night that all of this shit landed on the front page, reporters and paparazzi made Kristen’s neighborhood their home. I’m sure that some of them are out there on a regular basis anyway, but in this case it was apparently a zoo. According to Twitter posts, some of the whackjobs she should be sad to call her fans decided to call the police and lie to them (such as telling them they were fighting with each other) in order to get them out there to clear out the street and give her some privacy. They were not in her living room assholes, so she had as much privacy as anyone can expect in their home, especially a celebrity. I also wonder if this behaviour may have prevented the police who went to the area from helping someone who actually needed it. Fuck those people though, they were only being mugged, killed, or beaten, which is less important than someone who is safely tucked away and secured inside her home.

kristen-stewartSome people have made it their life’s mission to defend her to the end. They’ve somehow convinced themselves that they are a part of her life, simply because they’ve made her characters and image a part of theirs. I’ve said this before and no one seems to ever listen, but what you see isn’t necessarily the truth, especially if it’s a teen heart throb. An image must be maintained, and it’s one that needs to sell, sell, SELL! No one is as perfect or exact as the people you worship. As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Summer Glau. I think she’s brilliant as an actress and beautiful to boot. However, I have no illusion that this woman is perfect. I’m sure she has her own dark secrets that no one knows about and she would like to keep hidden from fans. The same goes for every celebrity. They’re just people, like you and me (well, maybe not me). They have the same fucked up flaws, the same warped thoughts, and they mess up in their life as much as you mess up in yours. Hell, they have it even worse because they, unlike you, are in the public eye all the time. They have to try to be extra perfect so as to not fuck up their business by letting their own crazy leak into the public.

Their business is their image, and their image is what sells. If you buy into it too much, you’re an idiot and you deserve the mental anguish it causes you when that fantasy bubble gets burst. Miley Cyrus fans have been seeing that happen over the last couple years, watching the teeny bopper say stupid shit and dress in ways that, while I find completely normal for someone her age trying to grow, others see as slutty and whorish. It hasn’t screwed up my ideas of her (though it has made me want to fuck her), because I do think she can sing. I also think she’s crazy, but she’s a teenager so she thinks the things she says and does make sense.

Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson, the actual victims of the cheatingIs this the end of the road for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? The only people who know are those two, him more than her. After all, he’s the victim in this just as Liberty Ross is. So as much pleading as fans like to do, saying he should take her back because [insert whatever fantasy reason, or baseless accusation they have to say], it isn’t up to them. The opinions of anyone on this situation in regards to their relationship track have no bearing at all on his decision. Would you take someone back that cheated on you, if you loved them as much as he apparently loved her, learning that they obviously felt no where near the same? If you say yes, you are extremely desperate and deserve the hurt.

Feel free to go back to your crazy claims of how Kristen is an innocent victim in all of this, how Rupert is somehow made more culpable because Kristen is young and stupid, and how your believe supporting someone who actually caused this to happen makes sense.

By the way, this isn’t an attack on her, though I’m sure the retards who think she’s blameless will see it as that, despite the fact it very obviously isn’t. If I wanted to attack her, you’d be setting fire to your own heads after reading what I could write. This is more of a punch in the face with the fist of reality for some of you. You’re ignoring the plain as day and instead inventing conspiracy theories and believing in a fantasy world you’ve created to live in. If you want to support anyone, it’s not either of the people involved in the cheating, it’s the people who were cheated on. But that would make too much sense, so go back to being dumb fucks.

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