Maine GOP Attacks Rival by Showing She’s a Regular Person

Politics are a very stupid and dirty game, played mostly by very stupid and dirty people. They’ll use anything to distract you from what you should be paying attention to, and try to smash their opponent with anything they can, regardless of what it is. If you wiped your ass with the wrong hand 8 years ago,  don’t let anyone know. Your opponent will use it against you.

Recently a mailer was sent out to about Colleen Lachowicz, a woman running against Senator Tom Martin in the upcoming election. It explains that Maine voters shouldn’t vote for her because she plays the game World of Warcraft and talks shit on message boards. While it’s not uncommon for each party to reach out to people via the mail, this particular mailer is just…what’s the word…oh yes, fucking retarded. Yeah, that about fits it.

The mailer points out various things she says online, such as how she loves to poison and stab in the game, and how she can kill stuff without going to jail. What it does not point out are the millions of people who also say shit like this online and don’t mean it in the way the GOP is trying to make it sound.

Relax and Kill Something

Many people play videogames to relieve stress and have fun. For me the game of choice is Battlefield 3. I love the game and play it when it can. I particularly like blowing up people with C4 in large groups because it gets you closer to winning the objective faster (depleting the tickets of the opposing team). I also like to let loose with an LMG and mow down the other team, as it’s high suppression rate gives my team the chance to advance. This is all true about me.

Now, if the GOP wanted to turn this against me, they could make me out to be some kind of serial killer by referencing these parts:

-I particularly like blowing up people with C4 in large groups
-I also like to let loose with an LMG and mow down the other team

The problem is that only the stupidest person would actually think that my game play actually has anything to do with who I am in real life. The fact that I like to play a realistic war game which results in mass kills throughout, does not mean I’m going to take a machine gun into a crowd of people. Utilizing the C4 in a way to kill multiple people at once gets my team closer to winning, which is the objective of the game. The LMG allows my team to advance forward while the opposing team can only be hit with gunfire if they try to get in the way. None of this affects my skills as a web developer, writer or ability to point out just how stupid those who think it does actually are.

Halo is a first person shooter game that hit the world like a comet. Celebrities around the world take part in playing this game, and it can even be seen in many movies. The game puts you against aliens, blasting them to death with your machine gun, rocket launchers, grenades, and tanks. You kill a lot in that game. This must mean only the most vile and ignorant people would play such a game.

People like Julia Roberts, America’s favorite actress.

Yes, Julie Roberts, the woman who played a prostitute and no one gave a shit, plays Halo. In fact, she has said that she has “stayed up all night playing Xbox” and the only game she plays is Halo, a game she will play obsessively. Does that make her a bad person? Of course not. Does that affect her ability to be an actress? No. Does she live in a fantasy world because of it? Absolutely not.

The goal of the GOP was clearly to make Colleen Lachowicz appear to be the image many have of a gamer. The lazy fat slob who spends all of their life playing a game, heavily invested in it to the point where they think it’s real is what they are hoping you’ll believe. They want you to think that she lives in this world because she plays the game a lot, and has reached the highest level you can. My wife has done the same thing and she’ll go weeks without even touching the game.

As a majority, gamers are nothing like this. Many of us are very skilled in the way of strategy and use that ability in our daily lives. We don’t run around looking for Orcs and shit to kill and have no delusions that the games we play are actually real. I’m not out there trying to tear people’s heads off because I play Mortal Kombat.

In reality, the mailer says more about the Maine GOP than it does about the person they are attacking. Instead of going after anything that actually matters…you know, the politics of the person…they are going after the gaming that she does as a hobby and clearly sarcastic things she says. Pretending like her voice online is something that most of the world doesn’t do means you don’t have internet access. Everyone bitches online and says a lot of stuff that politicians would not consider “mature”. Why? Because you can. The way I talk about celebrities might make someone think that I’m being immature. Why, because I use language some people consider bad? It’s part of the English language, and it’s there to be used, not shunned.

When I see a person say that they want to drown someone in a bathtub, I don’t think they are a horrible person. It makes me wonder what the person they want to drown did that’s so bad it would make someone say that. We all go through our daily lives saying we would “kill someone if”. It’s part of our everyday vocabulary and no one takes it seriously. Making something sound extreme like drowning someone in a bathtub just shows she has a sense of humor because she made it something ridiculous. But this type of sense of humor isn’t something CNN would ever condone.

CNN Interview with Colleen Lachowicz

CNN aired an interview with Colleen Lachowicz after this shit hit the world. In the video, it’s clear that the CNN reporter has no grasp on the way the world actually is. She says that the things being said aren’t something a senator should say. She’s wrong.

Politicians have completely lost touch with the people in this country. They act like robots, programmed to say things a specific way and act with the kind of proper demeanor that you would expect from royalty. This may be because they see themselves that way. The rest of the country is different. It is made up of regular people, who cuss, talk shit, play video games and have to deal with things that stress them out. It’s not made up of people like politicians, so when someone like that comes along it catches the attention of voters. When someone uses social media and doesn’t pretend like it just some fad that only 14 year olds use, we notice. When someone doesn’t act the same way politicians normally do, speaking to you in a casual way rather than like the Dell Customer Support Department, we notice. That’s how Obama got elected, because he didn’t act like the image that many had of John McCain: another politician that is just like the rest. The difference is that he’s exactly like the rest, but doesn’t appear to be.

Colleen pointed out that she thinks this is just a distraction by the GOP, trying to deflect real issues and make you pay attention to the way she is in her personal life. She’s correct. Most people are not the same in their professional life as they are in their personal life. In your professional life, you have to put up with a lot of shit. You have bosses who expect you to kiss the ass of your customers. You have customers who expect you to be perfect. You have coworkers who never see the real you because you think that if they did, they wouldn’t like you. You let out only as much information as it takes to make people think you’re a good person, and competent enough to do your job because if they knew what you really think and how you really are outside of work, they might start to think you aren’t as capable as you seem. That’s what the GOP is hoping for. Because she plays video games and voices her opinion online, she’s horrible. That’s not the case at all.

The CNN reporter also pointed out the part about how she loves to “stab and poison things”, as does the GOP in a response about this. They believe it shows a lack of maturity. What it shows is that she enjoys using a game mechanic to achieve a goal. That’s it. If she really enjoyed stabbing and poisoning things, you’d find a load of dead people and animals in her house. All she is doing is performing an in-game action that is programmed into the game to allow you to defeat opponents and boss characters. You can not use diplomacy you dickheads. The game doesn’t work that way. Just because I like blowing up groups of people with C4 doesn’t mean I’m immature. I do it because I like wiping out as many tickets the other team has as quickly and efficiently as I can.

Because she talks shit on the web just means that she’s like everyone else with an internet connection. The difference is that what she has said was found and turned into an issue, when it never should have been. We elect Presidents who openly tell us that they’ve done drugs, yet this woman gets crucified for saying she likes to kill things in a game.

On the mailer, they pointed out a post she made on DailyKos.com:

I used EJ to re-spec my rogue (the lovely and talented orc rogue Santiaga here.  Thank you for noticing my totally hot purple mohawk!) I got heavier into the assassination tree for more mutilate skill.  I did lose some speed and ability in stealth as a result, to my dismay.  But my dps increased quite a bit.  I also changed my rotation and now change up my rotation depending on the situation.

The version that is on the mailer makes bold and red these sentences:

-more mutilate skill
-But my dps (Deaths Per Second) increased quite a bit.

But wait, that last one says Deaths Per Second and it wasn’t in her post. They must have just been showing us what DPS means. They weren’t. They made up something that uses the same initials. DPS means Damage Per Second, not Deaths Per Second. It’s talking about the amount of damage you cause to an enemy, not how many enemies you can kill in a second. The reason they went with the word Deaths, which completely changes everything, is because it sounds worse and helps to support their point. The trouble is that they simply lied.

They also try to attack her with the mutilate skill part, as if it’s something she made up herself. It’s simply the name of an attack move. Blizzard Entertainment could have called it the “Teddy Bear Love Flowers” if they wanted to and it would still just be a programmed move in the game. It’s just the name of an attack move in the game. I don’t see them bitching about the fact we have real life places called Slaughterhouses or trying to condemn people who work in them!

The website they have up shows a variety of other things that she has said over the years. Some of it is pretty stupid to even try to attack her over:

“I object! I have been replaced by a MALE tuskarr rogue.  My new avatar has no boobs. Not funny!”

Why is this important for your voters to know? Are they unaware that women have boobs? She’s posting a complaint that her character was changed from a woman into a man, which apparently makes her an unworthy person to vote for. If your voters don’t realize that women have tits, you might want to try appealing to people who aren’t braindead.

They also point out her mention about “normal”.

I don’t know that I’d consider any of us….”normal”….and just what the hell is normal anyway?!
I mean I show up to work everyday.  We all are OK compared to what my work day is….but normal? pffft!  who needs it?!

This alone means she actually lives in reality, unlike the assholes who think this is a way to attack her. Normal is boring. It’s a bunch of people pretending to be what popular media expects you to be. You have to be a sheep, walking and talking exactly how those who are considered normal say so. It was discovered long ago by a fat kid who’s good at science and fair at football that normal does not exist. For those who think they are, I suppose they can keep living with their delusions that normal is the way to be. Tell that to the people who actually make changes and things that affect our lives. None of those people are ever normal. They all have some weird oddity that makes them unique, and because people are unique, there can be no normal.

They again point out that she wants to kill someone, this time the name is Putricide. They fail to point out that Putricide is a boss character in the game that you have to kill in order to get a new game piece. Why? Because it’s more effective when they leave out information like that which might cause people to realize she’s only talking about the game she plays. If she was saying she wants to kill a rook with pawn so she can get another Queen, they wouldn’t even care.

They do mention some political posts that she made, though it is clear that the gaming is what they are trying to attack her on. They point out how she said that she can’t take Republicans seriously as a party, that governing is a public service, meant to serve others and not just for themselves or supporters. The more I read on this site they’ve made to bash her, the more I like her because that is EXACTLY what governing it. I believe they are more annoyed that she’s actually saying that, and they wouldn’t want anyone in the world to start to think that way. If we did, politicians might actually have to do their fucking job for once.

The site goes on to use more posts about the game, hoping that you’ll just look at her and believe the fantasy that they’ve created. She must be one of these people who lives completely in this game. Why? Because she plays it and has an interest in it. People who play Chess all day long in a park are perfectly fine, which is essentially the same kind of game. You attack and kill pieces until you can finally kill the King. Why is that not bad? In this game, she’s working with others around the world to achieve a goal, forming strategy and talking with a community of people who are nothing like the political machines we have in office.

My view on politics…well, the gist of it

When it comes to politics, fuck it. That’s my general consensus. Politics are not for people who actually want to work for the people of this country and do what we elected them to do. They are there to do what they want to do, and make up as many lies and deflections as they can to keep their jobs. If they really wanted to, they could fix many of the problems we face. Look at what NASA can do with budget they get. They put shit on another planet! They are responsible for most of our current methods of communication. Our politicians, who have all of our tax money, can not even fix any of our border problems. How fucking hard is it to build a 50 foot concrete wall? Maybe NASA should be in charge of the government. They’d have it done in a week, and we’d even be able to fly it to the Moon if we wanted to.

Personally, I hope she wins. She seems like a real life person based on the things she has said in the past, which the GOP is trying to attack her with. It’s almost like they’re screaming to everyone not to vote for her because she’s just like you. They may be running themselves into a brick wall because the goal for the last 4 years has been to get young voters to polls. Young voters play video games. By telling the world that she plays WOW and talks shit on the internet, you may have just shot yourself in the face.

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