Miley Cyrus Is An Angel Descended From Heaven

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I ripped on Miley a bit last week because she believes that in order to be an artist, it should be harder than just putting a song on Youtube and becoming famous. While this is a completely stupid statement, there is even more ridiculousness provided by her die hard Superfans (not regular fans, the insane ones). By this I mean the ones who think that Miley above anything a normal person would do.

Because she sings cheesy pop songs to a bunch of tweens, the idea of Miley being anything but a saint baffles the minds of these people. There is absolutely no way that Miley would do anything to project an image of being less than Jesus reborn. You people are incredibly dumb.

Miley-CyrusI’ve seen the “hacked phone” photos of Miley, and while I’m not sure if they are legit (because this is the Internet after all), I think the idea of discounting their validity just because it’s Miley Dumbass Cyrus is a little naive. You people seem to think she’s not capable of anything but the Disney Channel bullshit image they project. You idiots have forgotten that she is actually a human being. A human who will eventually have sex with someone one day, if she hasn’t already.

Yeah, that’s right. Miley may have been blowing cock and taking it up the ass already, but that’s too impossible for your minds to handle because all you see is an innocent happy 12 year old. She is growing up, she’s becoming an adult, and she’s going to do things you won’t like. Remember Britney Spears? She turned into a lunatic (partially because of the media pushing her into her lunacy). Aguilera? The one everyone thought would not be the next Britney Spears (crazy part I mean). Yeah, she’s just a huge bitch according to people who work/worked for her. What you see on TV and in her music is what they want you to see. You really have no idea what her personal values and beliefs are, but for so many of her Superfans as I call them, this shit is EXACTLY what Miley is about. There can be no deviation.

Miley Cyrus OrgasmMiley has a cell phone. It has a camera on it. As we’ve seen with Facebook, MySpace, and the magic of Google Image Search, a camera in the hands of a desirable teenage girl can possibly lead to some incredibly hot bad things. Maybe those pictures are her, but claiming they aren’t simply because it’s Miley is pretty naïve. And if it is her, I don’t think anything bad about her for doing it. Hey, she’s a nice look teenage girl that people find attractive. If she wants to take pictures of herself posing to show off what she has (or thinks she has) than let her. Other girls do the same thing, but since they aren’t famous people don’t harp on them about what they do. Since Miley is famous, and considered a role model by people who don’t know what a role model should be, she’s expected to live her life different and to a higher standard. Don’t expect this girl to be a golden egg of perfectness. She isn’t. She’s a human being, and she is going to do stupid shit. Since she’s a teenager, the level of stupid shit is usually higher than non teenagers, but that’s fine. That’s part of your teenage years.

She’s also going to have sex. Lots of it. Involving bodily fluids. Most Miley Superfans are crying and smashing their monitors right now. Just imagine if she gets really kinky, or into shit like the German Goo Girls.

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