MIT Officer Shot, Boston Bombing Douchebags Suspected, Sought

Just by chance tonight, I checked out Twitter and saw @JoeBrooks was talking about how an MIT Campus Police Officer had been shot. This lead to many tweets by multiple people about the rampage that continued. The police became engaged in a shoot out, part of which one guy showed was a lot closer than any of us would like to see.

Tons of information started hitting the web. A children’s hospital was put on lock down due to threats of more bombs. An entire neighborhood in Watertown was flooded with police, all trying to find the assholes responsible for this. The police officer who was shot, unfortunately died from his wounds. Explosives have been left around the neighborhood, as well as automatic handguns.

As it stands right now, it is believed that the assholes responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing are the same scum bag dick heads that did this tonight. Reports are hitting that “Suspect #1”, as he is called, was possibly killed. The second shit fucker, also known as “Suspect #2”, was reported to be at large, possibly with an assault rifle and explosives. Police were warned to be very careful.

There is still a lot going on, but hopefully they find this other dumb fuck and kick his face through the back of his head.

Update 5:25am

As usual, the news is more focused on trying to dig out details that aren’t really important, rather than focus on trying to make sure people stay the fuck in their house. I’m watching them question a doctor about what he saw, clearly trying to weasel in questions to get information that they aren’t giving out. Dick asses.

Update 5:50am

[checklist]MBTA Buses and subway shut down.

Lots of tactical guys around.

FBI working in the perimeter.

Sightings of douchebag reported.[/checklist]

Update 6:15am

[checklist]”That’s what they call me. Kevin ‘in and out real quick’ Brennan” (Awesome Cop on the Scanner)

Fresh blood found in one location.

Multiple tips coming in on sightings of suspicious people, including a guy with a black bag trying to flag down random cars to get a ride.

Someone just arrested.[/checklist]

Update 8:20pm


Douchebag possibly hiding in this boat.

Update 8:43pm

[checklist]Large crowd outside the house started cheering.

CBS Reports scanner traffic saying they have the suspect from the boat in custody.[/checklist]



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