Morgan Freeman is Captain Obvious

Morgan Freeman pointed out the obvious recently. In an NPR interview, he stated about Barack Obama:

“Barack had a mama and she was white, very white American, Kansas, middle of America…..

America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet … [Obama] is America’s first mixed-race president.”

Some people (namely those at MSN where I found this story) can only be described as completely stupid as fuck because they don’t seem to understand this completely obvious fact. This is like saying Oreo is a completely chocolate cookie. It isn’t. Claiming Obama is one particular race is denying one of his parents, no matter “which planet you’re on” MSN.

Most people seem to act the same way. Apparently, Morgan Freeman and I are in the minority when it comes to being able to understand that someone who has parents of differing races makes them multiracial. I guess I have a bit of an advantage in knowing this as I myself am multiracial, so maybe I shouldn’t take this apparently higher form of perception so lightly.


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