MSN Wonderwall Deletes Comments on Mila Kunis

Last night I started writing about the poor choice made by Esquire when they decided to crown Mila Kunis the Sexiest Woman Alive. My initial reaction was that during this pretend competition, all other women were dead at the time. I wasn’t alone in thinking that their choice was laughably wrong, as many people posted their own disagreement on the MSN Wonderwall article.

A few hours after the article was posted, MSN deleted the comments people made. Yes, they removed the 27 comments that were mostly in disagreement with the article (as was pointed out again in the new set of comments that also mostly show disagreement).

MSN apparently had a problem with people complaining about Esquire’s choice. I could understand removing the comments if they were actually offensive or threatening, but they weren’t. Take this one:

Sexiest alive, yea right. Now that’s funny lol.
-Sean Zendejas

What is the problem with that comment? It’s simply disagreeing. The comments that agree with the choice were also removed, which I suspect was to prevent appearing like they only want the ones that agree. So those 6 posts had to go as well (yes, I counted).

Right now there are 27 comments, most of which again are in disagreement with the choice. Either they haven’t yet cleared them or MSN has stopped trying to force a specific viewpoint on this article. If they get removed, I won’t be surprised but it doesn’t help their image any either. When things like that happen, it’s like going to a Justin Bieber message board and posting something negative about him. The lunatic fringe comes out of the woodwork to first bash you, then remove your comment. In MSN’s case, they skipped the bashing and went straight to removing opinions people had that didn’t jive with what they wanted people to think.

MSN: not everyone agrees with your bullshit. Stop trying to pretend like we do.

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