News describes Kate Middleton using the obvious

Since she hit the scene a few years back, Kate Middleton has been a target of the press. They frequently describe the wife of Prince William as looking stunning or glamours in whatever attire she is wearing. Constantly she’s referred to as gorgeous and carrying an amazing appearance.

To this I say, no shit.

The astonishingly exquisite and dangerously beautiful Kate Middleton.
The astonishingly exquisite and dangerously beautiful Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a fantastically beautiful woman. Her smile is brilliant and her face exemplifies beauty. Her name alone should be synonymous with every one of these descriptive words used by news outlets when they write a story about her. It seems very redundant to describe someone of such elegance and perfection with words like these.

Now I obviously do understand that the title would be boring as hell if a news source wrote “Kate Middleton wears a dress” or “Kate Middleton was outside today”. They have to beef that up, changing up to “Kate Middleton looks stunning in dress” or “Kate Middleton is so fucking beautiful and supremely gorgeous that it makes me cry tears of happiness as just the mere sight of her glorious and absolutely spectacular presence outshines the light of Olympus itself outside today”.

Or something similar.

And before you jump up, pointing at this article to call it out as being just an excuse to talk about how magnificently cute and deliciously perfect Kate Middleton is, I would like to explain to you that this is as obvious of a point as it is that Kate Middleton’s beauty is only matched by that of the birth of a baby deer under the light of dawn, just as the dew begins to twinkle in the rising sunlight. Get the picture yet?

So with that, I leave you news reporters and journalists to continue your repetitive speech to babble on about how gorgeous this woman is in this outfit or that dress, knowing full well that she could look absolutely beautiful even if she was covered in fertilizer and raw sewage.

Personally, I’d prefer she wasn’t, but you know how wacky royals can be.

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