No really, fuck PETA

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Jennifer Lawrence, the star in the movie Hunger Games, has apparently made a verbal slip that has pissed off PETA, the group that thinks animals are people. In the movie, she apparently had to skin a squirrel. She said

“I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA, but screw PETA.” – Jennifer Lawrence, and her cleavage

Jennifer Lawrence and her hotness says screw PETAPETA wasn’t a fan of this comment, as you could imagine. Still, I hold on to that last part of her statement as a core component to my view of PETA. The idea of keeping people from maliciously killing animals or beating them for their own amusement is fine. I’ve owned several dogs through my life, we have two annoying ass cats, and even a couple rats. So I can understand trying to prevent people from beating the shit out of their dog or torturing their cats (though mine at times almost seem to taunt me to hit with with a shovel). What I can’t get behind is the crazy parts of it, that somehow make animals the same as people.

They aren’t people! They don’t go out to get degrading and meaningless jobs to support their illegitimate children and ex-wife while she fucks the pool boy she left you for.

I play the game Battlefield 3. In the story mode, you have to kill a rat with a knife. This of course caused PETA to flip out. Fuck you PETA. If that rat would have caused the guy to give away his position than he, a human being, would have been killed. At least the rat would have lived though.

Fuck PETA, you vegtable slaughtering assholesEating animals is also a big problem for PETA. Instead, they are content to massacre defenseless plants and consume them instead. But aren’t plants living creatures as well? Why should we give them less love than animals? Hell, a cow can run away so it clearly has an advantage over a carrot.

But no, PETA is fine with the genocidal slaughter of cabbages and rutabaga, and totally abhor the idea of hamburgers. I eat animals because I’m supposed to in order to stay alive and fuel my body with what it needs. Animals do the same. They eat other animals. PETA doesn’t seem to have a shit fit when a lion eats a zebra. You never see them having news conferences about how we need to teach lions how to respect other animals and eat tofu sandwiches. No, because they know that lions eat animals, just as they should realize that man eats animals as well. Just because we can do what we do as human beings (rational reasoning, use a conscience, and operate a universal remote) doesn’t mean we stop doing what we did before just because this ridiculous group believes it’s wrong. Eating animals isn’t any more wrong than eating a plant, or even weed eating my lawn. So the weeds come back, big deal. So do cows and chickens on farms where they are bred.


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