Not Jealous, I Just Hate the Shit out of You

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Has anyone ever accused you of being jealous because you don’t like someone? Perhaps you were making fun of them, or straight out bashing something about them. I have yet to understand how that translates to jealousy for some people. In their warped minds, there is no way that you can dislike that person. Instead, you want to be that person.

Back when I wrote the song Bomb Paris, several people accused me of being jealous of her. Yeah, that’s right. I talked all that shit because I want to be her. Fuck her, and fuck you for being that stupid. The point of talking shit about someone isn’t to explain your need to be them, or need to have what they do. It’s to explain your disgust and hatred of them. It’s that simple. However, some people like to complicate it into something that it isn’t.

Fuck you, I'm a haterTo go by this logic means the teeny boppers who don’t like me because I make fun of Justin Bieber, must be jealous of me. All the people who hated George Bush must be jealous of him. Anyone who had a negative thing to say against Hitler are clearly allowing jealously to show its ugly head. Now do you see why this is nonsense?

I think the reason people do this is a way to deflect. They can’t believe that someone wouldn’t like them or whatever it is that’s being made fun of. The only way they can make sense of it is by saying that the person simply wants to be them, so they are talking shit. Those people, are stupid as fuck. That’s not jealousy, that’s just fact.

Recently I recorded the song Brainwashed. It talks shit about a lot of teeny bopper garbage, and I’m sure it’s going to gain some of that “you’re just jealous” backlash. If I was jealous, I wouldn’t be making fun of it, dumbass. I would be trying to be it. You don’t see me wearing those retarded skinny jeans and trying to appeal to 12 year girls with dumbass love songs they don’t yet understand the meaning of yet. My musical history is built on slamming and ripping on the things I don’t like. If you think it’s jealousy, than you are beyond stupid and I guess it means you’re jealous of everything you don’t love. Or you simply have batshit for brains.

When you’re not jealous though, you’re are almost always considered a hater. Somehow, that’s bad. I am a hater. I hate a lot of shit. I’m not supposed to love everything. I hate the shit out of Nancy Pelosi, duckface pictures, and the Westboro Baptist Church. Fuck all of them in their stupid faces. If that makes me a hater, I’m glad because you finally see the truth. Nancy Pelosi is a dumbass to a high degree, duckface pictures are basically advertisements for your blowjob ability, and the Westboro Baptist Church is a bunch of insane people who have taken the idea of god and fucked it worse than anyone else. So fuck all of them. Why would I like them?

What is even more ridiculous are the people who talk shit about haters. Clearly, those people are haters as well. Or jealous, depending on the theory you subscribe to. So it’s ok to hate haters, and dislike people who you think are jealous of what you like. You need a damn road map to get around some of this shit and understand it.

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