On Easter, celebrities do boring better than you

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

TomCruiseYesterday was Easter. On many news websites, they covered how various movie stars and music artists were taking the day. What were they doing, where were they going, the regular stalkerish stuff. I don’t understand the point.

I read some of the things they did and they sound like basically everyone else. They visited places and saw their parents. If they did something extreme like skydiving from 300 feet into a puddle of water, than it might be interesting. Halle Berry going out to eat sounds like it was just Wednesday or something.

This isn’t only an Easter thing though. Anytime it’s any holiday, or some large event happens, the front pages of news websites and portal home pages are filled with bullshit about how movie stars are reacting. Moscow could completely explode and we’d have articles that express the feelings and opinion of it from Matt Damon. Bad year for oranges in Florida? Better ask George Clooney and see how he can blame the government for it.

Want to know how I spent Easter? Sitting on my ass in front of this screen, working. I’m sorry, I couldn’t be more exciting but apparently neither were these celebrtards the world seems to worship.

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