Podcast Episode 10 – Hot Women, Duck Dynasty and Political Crap

Completely ignored my notes again. This episode went through my Twitter Following list, which seems to be made up mostly of Rappers, Producers, Reality TV Stars, Glamour Models, and Porn Stars. Yes, it’s a weird collection of people to have grouped together. Almost as weird as me having a favorite porn star.

Speaking of, here is the super hot Ava Addams, my favorite porn star. Obviously, you can see two of her best features below….her eyes.


OK, yes her massive rack is awesome, but she does have very pretty eyes.

I also mentioned in the podcast that Tanya Tate is currently wrestling with Ava in my head over who will remain my favorite. During the podcast, they were wrestling in pudding, but they’ve graduated up to whip cream and are now moving in slow motion. As you can see, Tanya Tate has a bit of a superhuman advantage.

Tanya Tate as Susan Storm

Follow Ava Addams and Tanya Tate on Twitter. Be sure to check out Tanya’s cosplay work as well.

Speaking of hot women, I mentioned how beautiful Marissa Mayer and Jodelle Ferland are. If you’ve never seen them before, this is what they look like:

Marissa Mayer

Marissa MayerJodelle Ferland

Jodelle Ferland

So, as you can see, these two women are quite beautiful. Jodelle can be scary as shit, but personally, I prefer the pretty, smiling happy Jodelle. However, she does play scary very well, and unfortunately, also plays bitchy stuck up teenager well also (Home Alone 5). But, I dig her. She’s very good at what she does. And Marissa, she’s probably the hottest CEO on the planet.

Anyway, the rest of the podcast talks about how I see Kori, Missy, and Jessica Robertson. The each have particular things that stand out about them.



Very much a take charge kind of person. She feels like the CEO of a major company. Her personality is very straightforward and headstrong. If I had a weird complex problem, sheโ€™s the person I’d expect to be able to solve it.



Sheโ€™s clearly a mom. She has the look, the personality and clearly the patience. She reminds me of the kind of mom that you really don’t screw around with, because she can give you a pissed off stare to make you spank yourself. Don’t get me wrong though, she seems like a great lady. She just doesn’t seem like the kind of person you’d ever want to get in a fight with, as I’m fairly certain she could beat the shit out of anybody. Especially based on her reactions to Jase in the HOA episode.



As if you haven’t noticed, this woman is gorgeous. She looks like a professional model. All three women are beautiful, but Jessica definitely stands out. Her eyes are also very expressive, and she can give a look that clearly says โ€œI can and will find and kill you, stop talking about my hotness on the internet.โ€ But seriously, she could be covered in mud and trash and still look more beautiful than 99% of the rest of the women on TV, reality or otherwise.

And, if you have a problem watching a show about duck hunters which involves guns, you’re a dumbass. Of course they have guns you halfwit, THEY ARE DUCK HUNTERS! People who complain about the guns are the kind of people who would watch NASCAR and complain about how fast the drivers are going. And if you’re annoyed because they pray, you should just walk into a volcano. Personally, I have a variety of issues with religion, but I have no problem with what they do in this show. This family is clearly religious, and I’m not going to bitch about them praying in the show because it’s MY choice to watch THEIR lives. I’m not going to expect them to change just because I don’t follow the same religion.

Immigration Reform and Politicians

We do not need reform. We need to enforce the laws we already have. If someone comes into this country the proper way, fine. No problem with that. If they don’t, they are automatically a criminal because THEY BROKE THE FUCKING LAW BY NOT DOING IT LEGALLY! For some reason, some people can’t understand that if you don’t do something the legal way, it makes it a criminal act. If I break into your house, it’s illegal. The same goes for breaking into another country. One group has an ad running on Facebook that says North Carolina is for immigration reform. The first time around, they spelled it wrong. They fixed it and started the ad again. It gained the same backlash as the first. Nearly everyone was completely against it.

But, politicians don’t care about voters so they keep hiding behind the cloud of garbage they’ve created called “immigration reform”. It’s a non issue because we don’t need reform; we need politicians who will stand up and enforce the laws we have. However, that wouldn’t be in their best interest. You get reelected by hiding and confusing your voters. That way, you can keep making tons of money not doing your job. They vote on their own raises, act as if they are royalty, have amazing perks, and job security that they themselves create by lying and throwing away the money they take from us.

I think our politicians should be paid minimum wage, at best. It’s a public service, not a Fortune 500 company. House them in Army barracks and let them live as our soldiers do. Issue regular reports about their job performance and let us decide if they are doing it correctly or not. Allow us to evaluate them and get rid of them if they aren’t doing what they should, just the same as what would happen to you in your job.

Also, for our armed forces, I believe they should never have to pay any form of taxes, ever. No sales tax, property tax, income tax….nothing. They risk their lives in wars and conflicts that our politicians send them into, so at the very least they should never have to pay taxes again. They’ve already paid enough to this country. While we’re at it, apply the same to our police, firefighters and EMT workers. They put their lives on the line every day and get a shitty salary as compensation. None of those people go into their positions for the money, but we should justly reward them for their work.

This wasn’t in the podcast, but we should do the same for teachers. Without them, we would be nothing. They are the reason you know anything at all. They help by giving students the knowledge and tools to obtain a job or career, and become productive in their lives. They are responsible for much more than the sad paycheck they get every month.

This was part 1 of today’s podcast. I split it since I didn’t follow my notes, then went ape shit on the second half. It’s on the site as well.

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    1. Oh hell yes, photography is an absolute must! That’s the kind of thing that could end wars. Granted, it’s likely because everyone that was fighting has stopped to beat off but still, it could help!

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