Podcast Episode 11 – Football Girl, Idiots and Please Stop Justin Bieber

This is the second half of the podcast for 6/27. For the first half, click here.

Huffington Post on Maddy Paige, the 12 year old girl who plays football, now being told she can no longer play since she’s a girl.


They are afraid it might cause “impure thoughts”. I don’t know about you guys, but a girl in a football uniform doesn’t turn me on. And not having her on the field isn’t going to prevent “impure thoughts”. These assholes are actually trying to regulate thought, which is something that is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! You can’t make your mind not think of something. If it wants to have a thought, it’s going to have it, regardless of what you want.

I wonder if they are planning on blinding these guys to prevent them from ever seeing a girl and risking an impure thought.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby now has a name and they’ve shared it….who gives a fuck.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby

Rugged Man hit the nail right the hell on the head with this:

Seriously, he’s right. So many people out there act like these kids are part of their life. They aren’t. Pay attention to the ones in your own family you stupid fuck, especially if you are their parent.

Girly Man

What the hell is with all of these girls wanting guys who look more girly than they do? The hair, primping, clothes…knock that shit off. You are a fucking embarrassment to everything in this world. Either stop it, or leave the planet.

Eigh8t the Chosen One speaks on this better than I did.

Bieber and Lindsay Lohan

Fuck them both. Please stop letting these two dangerous people get off the hook with their stupid shit. They’ve proven they shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car time and time again. Still, our police and judicial system let them off. It’s going to take a horrible injury or death to finally get rid of these people, and even then, it will probably just be rehab again for Lindsay.

According to TMZ, the police are looking into a recent Bieber reckless driving claim and suspect that this little shit may have been doing the driving. However, a video apparently came out that showed Tyler The Creator driving the car. So, if that ends up being the case, I wonder what’s going to happen. Will this other asshole get arrested for it? If so, why doesn’t Bieber for any of the several times his stupid fucking ass has done the same thing? And if not, WHY THE FUCK NOT?!


Why the fuck are people proud of Justin Bieber? Seriously, what has he done that other marketing gimmicks haven’t? Many are talking about his age, and how much he’s accomplished. Bullshit. He didn’t accomplish anything that other popular artists haven’t. His record company accomplished a shit load though by selling this douchebag to you, packaged in the same wrapping as the other boy bands from the 90s and early 2000s but given a fucked up version of Vanilla Ice’s 90’s haircut. And people actually have the gall to compare him to Michael Jackson? Seriously, have you stupid fucks ever HEARD Michael Jackson? Even now, Michael could out perform and sing Justin Bieber…and he’s been dead for 4 years!

This pompous cunt also shows that he doesn’t respect his fans. With Jon Bon Jovi telling you that you’re becoming an asshole because you show up to your own concert several hours late, you should probably pull your head out of your ass and pay attention. That is your job you stupid fuck, and you’re wasting the time of all of the fans who paid to come see you perform your awful music.

Beliebers like to ignore this stuff and just say that I’m a hater, or I’m just going to find some way to “tear him down”. First of all, yes, I am a hater. I hate the fuck out of this little cock sucker because of the variety of things I’ve already mentioned. Why would I like any of this behaviour? And, it’s not jealousy, which you retarded sheep like to claim. You never have anything else, so you jump to that, which doesn’t even make any sense. If it was jealousy, I would be trying to be like him, not pointing out his lawless behaviour, awful style, shitty music and complete disrespect for his fans. It’s obviously not jealousy, but it is complete dislike bordering on demented rage.

I’m also not trying to find a way to tear him down. I don’t need to “try” to find a way. He provides it himself, over and over again. Why don’t you try speeding through a city street and claim it’s because you don’t want your picture taken. See what happens to you. Show up 3 hours late for your job without a reason and find out what happens. I don’t need to find things to throw at him; he’s giving everyone enough public ammunition that he’s going to be nothing but a charred brickett by the end.

And the stupid fucks in this video…we need to deport them. To the moon. Without suits. The girls in this video clearly have stupid as fuck parents, and the guy in this sounds like one of them.

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