Podcast Episode 13 – Return to Podcasting, American Airlines Threats, WBC, and More

Finally getting back to podcasting after almost a year. So what happens on this podcast?

A few days back, an idiot asshole decided to send a tweet to American Airlines in which she claimed to be with Al Qaeda and threatened the airline with “something really big”. The airline responded as they should: they forwarded the information to the FBI. The stupid ass 14 year old was arrested shortly after.

Unfortunately, several other moronic people decided to send their own tweets at the airline. For some reason, these people find it funny and think it’s OK to do this. It isn’t. It’s the same as running into a theater and yelling “fire”, but in this case is made worse by the fact that someone could actually do something like they are suggesting while the FBI is running around having to chase down these shitheads. If so, that would make all of them accomplices, and thus they should all be arrested for what they are doing.

The Westboro Baptist Church (or WBC, which is also an acronym for We Blow Cock, a more worthy name for these assholes) is also on the list today. These are the scumbags that run around the country protesting at funerals and telling everyone that they are going to Hell.

I’ve mentioned them in the past but their terribleness has been more annoying to me lately. Protesting at the funerals of children, claiming they are going to burn in Hell is beyond reprehensible (which is what the U.S. Government seems to find as an appropriate way of describing their actions). It shows the worst kind of human behavior, and our own government would rather make flowery speeches and dodge the requests of the people they represent. But then again, the petition website is just useless. They say that after 100,000 signatures, the petition goes to the president. They also have a bunch of clauses in their Terms of Service that say they don’t really have to give us an answer. That’s throw that out, along with their bullshit political distraction filled responses to essentially ignore your request and do nothing.

I’m sure they’ll do the same with the Bieber petition, if they ever get around to fake answering it.

I also went over various other annoyances, including Nancy Grace and a couple useless douchebags who decided to either text and drive or drink and drive. The texter decided to blame the bicyclist she ran into, despite the fact that she was texting while driving….AND HE WAS ON A FUCKING BIKE! It’s not like he was trying to challenge the car. Her response was ridiculous, saying she didn’t care because she has had enough bullshit going on and that now she has to have her car fixed–just ignore that dude who was in the hospital for 3 months with a fractured spine because of your stupidity. The drunk driver was that stupid cunt Kayla Mendoza, who killed two people after she drove up a highway in the wrong direction. This was shortly after her infamous “2 drunk 2 care” tweet. She’s currently sitting on a $600,000 bond.

Anyway, go listen to the babbling.


Click here for the Petition to kick Nancy Grace off the air.

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