Podcast Episode 14 – White House Responds to Bieber Petition, Minimum Wage and More Stuff

Back again, trying to keep a regular schedule again. As history has shown, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen.

The White House response (or nonresponse) to the Bieber Petition is front and center on this episode. I also corrected myself in which I originally interpreted the White House’s ridiculous response as stating Bieber has sold 100 billion albums in the U.S. What it looks like they were trying to say is that a trillion bucks is worth the same as 100 billion of his albums. Either way, that match is incorrect as well since there’s no way that many of his albums are even worth $1.

Anyway, I flipped out a lot on this because the U.S. Government decided to take a petition for one thing and turn it into their own politically motivated speech. It had nothing to do with what they were talking, but they tried to spin it into some ridiculous hot button topic instead. Essentially, they are treating us like we’re morons and hoping none of us noticed this.

Minimum wage is also on deck here. Proposals to raise minimum wage are always out there, but with it popping up in the news again it seemed time to address it here. Follow that up with ranting on voting for someone based on their gender or skin color and ending with the song God’s Wrath, and you have the complete podcast.

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