Podcast Episode 15 – Teenage Vandals, Idiot Parents and Jennette McCurdy is Hot

So I’m a couple days late, both with posting and actually recording the podcast. I ran into a problem with Skype so I held off for a day. Then I forgot to post it. Shut up.

What was on the podcast this time? Well let’s go over it below:

Vandal Teenagers and Idiot Parents

A lot of teenagers these days seem to think they can just do whatever they want. From the stupid bitch who tweeted that threat to American Airlines to the 62 moronic criminals who broke into and trashed their high school, there are a lot of stupid douchebags who really need to get a dose of reality and treated like any of us would be for doing the crap they are doing. I hadn’t read this one, but apparently other assholes broke into their high school and killed animals.

There are parents who are just as stupid. A few months back, Brian Holloway had his house broken into by 300 teenagers who show that they have no respect for anyone else’s property, nor do they care about the laws they broke. They proved that by taking photos of themselves and then posting it online. Seriously, how do people get away with not only committing a crime, but then providing photographic evidence of them doing so?!

Shortly after it happened, Holloway created a website to help save these scumbags from themselves. He used the pictures the jackasses posted and mentioned them by name. The parents then turned around and threatened to sue him. That makes no sense. Your stupid idiot children commit a crime and then you try to sue the victim? No wonder your kids are like they are!

Please remove these people from earth

Recently this sack of useless shit stabbed a girl to death because she didn’t want to go to the prom with him. He needs to be thrown into the ocean with weights tied around him, right now.

Alex Hribal, too stupid to have a last name with enough vowels, stabbed 21 people at his school (I said 22 because I had forgotten that it was only 21). I’m not sure how he got beyond the first person, because people should have gotten off of their asses and started stomping that piece of shit into the ground. I think we need to fix his name and put an ‘o’ after the h, because horibal seems to a better sounding last name for this pile of garbage that we need to electrocute.

I couldn’t remember the name of this girl who was recently killed by her should be dead ex-boyfriend, but her name was Danielle Locklear. A beautiful girl who was ended by a prime candidate for the guillotine.

A 4 (not 11) month old baby that was previously adopted by not insane people was given back to his scumbag parents. He was then killed. Time to set the son of  a bitch that killed his baby on fire until he dies. Killing a baby should guarantee you a vicious death.

Jennette McCurdy is fucking hot

Seriously, the heading really says it all. She’s super pretty and has the kind of body that should win an award of some kind just for being so damn amazing. This is easily noticed by looking at the following pictures.

Beware though. She does have a ginourmous boyfriend who, though is probably used to everyone drooling over his beautiful girlfriend and her highly curvy body, could probably kill any of us with a single smack to the face. But then again, he probably doesn’t notice us anyway because that incredible ass likely has his full attention. He wins the “Lucky Bastard!” award for sure.

 jennette-mccurdy-short-haircuts2 Jennette McCurdy Attends McCurdicon -26 Jennette McCurdy Attends McCurdicon -21-560x840 jennette-mccurdy

Julie McNiven wallpaper

Julie is gorgeous. She was fantastic on Supernatural and this photo is one of my favorite wallpapers.


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