Protesting and rioting are not the same thing

These days there seems to be confusion over the legitimacy of rioting. Many people believe that rioting is a form of protest. Let’s be clear about this right now: rioting is not protesting, and there is never a legitimate reason to riot.

Anyone who wants to riot is a dumbass. Anyone who destroys property or hurts someone during a riot is a criminal. Anyone tries to mask rioting by saying they are trying to make their message heard is a liar. These are simple facts that can not be debated or ignored.

If your goal is to make your message known or bring about change, acting like an animal is not the way to do it. Tearing up other people’s property doesn’t make any sense by any stretch of the imagination. You can try to blame this crap on whatever cause you pretend to support, or base it on your choice of psychological reasoning you prefer, but it doesn’t remove the obvious fact: you know that destroying someones property and hurting people is wrong. You know it’s illegal, yet you do it anyway. For that, these assholes need to be put in jail.

Our elected officials and law enforcement need to deal with these situations instead of letting people continue to run over them. Stop letting these mobs of idiots get away with this crap.

Some people like to attempt to justify these actions. There is no justification for it. They are destroying things that aren’t theirs and hurting people. If they want to destroy something, let them fuck up their own house and car, let them steal from each other.

If you want to protest something, do it in a way that isn’t destructive, harmful or or dangerous. Acting like a jackass isn’t the way to do it, and you do more harm than good. Destroying property and acting like a douchebag only helps push stereotypes and bring further action against you. Basically, you’re only hurting yourself further while hurting others at the same time.

Rioting is stupid. Stop trying to pretend that you’re doing it for a noble reason because you aren’t. You’re doing it to be in the spotlight, to wreck shit and steal things. The media continues to push it and inflame the situation, making everything worse.

I wonder if the supporters of rioting would change their minds if it was them being harassed and hurt, if it was their property being fucked up…

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