Random Thoughts – Volume 1

Claire Danes is like a younger, better looking, more talented and less irritating Gwyneth Paltro.

Chali 2Na’s voice is only matched in it’s awesomeness by his incredible style and flow. Dude should really be much more famous. He could easily destroy an army of Lil Wayne’s.

Music companies that support rappers who boast about stealing also sue people for downloading music.

In most cases, I prefer practical effects over digital effects. Digital is great for some things, but practical has a more authentic feel, especially when it comes to stunts. For instance, in Terminator 2 you can clearly tell the difference between Arnold and his stunt double. While it can be funny to notice that, the other thing you notice is that the stunt double is actually doing the things you see on the screen. I have a lot more respect for that.

In Crocodile Dundee, Sue tells Mick to give the thugs his wallet because the guy has a switchblade. HE FIGHTS CROCODILES LADY! That switchblade isn’t going to matter!

My 5 month old son farts like an adult.

Australia has incredible hip hop artists like Mantra, Bias B, Funkoars, Briggs and Hilltop Hoods. Instead of them becoming popular here, we get Iggy Azalea. That may be one of the biggest fuck ups in the history of music. That generic creation should not be getting the acclaim she is.

We live in a world where being pretty can be your career.

What if only the surface of water is wet and below that is not? You could never disprove this theory because to get anything in or out of the water it would have to pass through the surface.

Until Neflix starts to carry Matlock, I refuse to take them seriously.

Giving someone more importance because they are a specific race or gender is just as bad as lowering their importance because of being a specific race or gender. Deciding to hire, elect, or promote someone because of their race or gender makes you a jackass.

Tomatoes are awesome.

I once had a dream in which Freddy Kruger stood beside an 8 foot cliff and said “He who lies beneath me”. Shortly afterward, Freddy vs Jason was announced. Yes, I was freaked out and happy at the same time.

Martha Marcy May Marlene never needs a sequel or a reboot. That movie can never be made any better than it already is. It was absolutely perfect.

It’s not jealousy. I simply do not like some people and things. Assuming it’s jealousy is a pretty weak and cliche way to pretend my dislike must mean you’re so great I want to be you. Face the truth for once: you aren’t. You actually are worthy of being disliked, no matter how much you want to delude yourself into thinking it must be jealousy.

Guns kill people. So do hammers, rocks, broken bottles, Rebecca Gayheart and cancer. Your argument is not just invalid, it’s stupid. Quit blaming the tools and start blaming the insane fuck who does the killing.

Oh yeah, I went there with the Rebecca Gayheart mention. Fuck that stupid bitch.

It’s 2:30am.

The fact that John Connor never had sex with Cameron on the Terminator TV show makes me sad. He had a chance to stick it to the machines, literally.

Gina Carano is badass. She should have been Wonder Woman.

Rutger Hauer used to annoy me, but now he doesn’t. I liked Kristen Stewart in The Messengers and Zathura and now she annoys me. The moral of this story: Fuck Kristen Stewart.

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