Russell Brand Stops Following Katy Perry, nations collapse

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

To continue with the crazy world of celebrities, Russell Brand recently stopped following Katy Perry on Twitter. The two were married for about 30 minutes, called it quits, and he dropped her from his Twitter Feed quick. The world was shocked when this news broke, causing a drop in the NASDAQ and several layoffs at K-Mart.

Wait. No, none of that actually happened.

MSN had a front page post about about the unfollowing of Katy Perry, as if it was of any real importance to anyone. Hell, she probably didn’t even give a shit. Maybe if he was a good actor I could see some reason to make this known to anyone other than the Twitter database table entry that shows a link from his account to hers, but he seems pretty boring to me. Still, MSN thought everyone should know. So fuck you MSN. Really, I have nothing else to say about that.

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