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Sign says [blank] You 2 on Charlotte street, news treats us like children

A week or so ago an electronic street sign in Charlotte, North Carolina was tampered with by someone who thought it would be funny to change the wording to something obscene. Unless you’re 12, it wasn’t even in the realm of being funny. It wasn’t even stupid, or dumb. It was just sort of pointless. One of those things that I’m not even impressed by in the least. Yet, people who think they are being cool and hilarious do this shit to prove just how utterly retarded and boring they actually are.

vulgar_sign_01But, this isn’t actually about the douchebags who did that. It’s about the news. When I saw the picture of the site on a local news website, they had part of the sign blurred out. As you can see, the sign has the first word blurred out, but the rest is still there. We all know what it says, but they’ve blurred out the first word anyway.

If everyone knows what it says, and you’re already prepared for a sign showing a bad word on it, why would you bother blurring it? Seems sort of pointless to me. Everyone knows what it says, so blurring it is basically treating everyone like children. Stupid children at that.

Some people would say that it might offend them to see that. First of all, if you’re offended by seeing that than you won’t be looking at this anyway. Second, you’re more childish than the waste of life who changed the sign to begin with. It’s a fucking word shithead, stop pretending it’s going to end your life. Are you so powerless that a single word will destroy your very existence? If so, you deserve it.

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