Silent House proves Elizabeth is the talented and attractive Olsen

Silent House is a movie starring Elizabeth Olsen, the lesser known but much hotter younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley. The film tells the story of a young woman who is helping her father and uncle clear out their house to eventually sell, a house they apparently don’t actually live in. She mentions that people have been breaking in and vandalizing the property, so they have decided to just get rid of the house. Shortly into the film, creepy things start happening.

The film looked great. It appeared to be shot in a single round, but apparently this was just clever editing. It stayed very dark and kept you in the main character’s frame of mind and view. If she couldn’t see well in a room, we couldn’t see well in the room. It also managed several creepy moments, which evolved into shock scenes such as when she was using the polaroid camera flash to see in the dark. Anytime that happens, if you make it to 3 flashes you know anything after that is fair game for anything to happen. Unfortunately, for everything that the movie had that was great, it all flushed down the drain when they revealed the ending. They decided to pull everything together by making the movie fall apart and crash into a tree.

The movie claims that it is inspired by real events. In reality it was inspired by another movie with the same name. A movie which also claimed claimed it was inspired by real events that took place in the 40’s, but according to Wikipedia, “no information can be found to authenticate the claims”. So it was likely just made up. Still, Elizabeth Olsen dusted her other two sister’s entire careers in a single movie, so kudos to her. She proved that she’s not only the one with the looks and boobs, but also the one with the talent.

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