Skinny Jeans

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

Skinny jeans have only one good thing about them: they make your ass look great. The problem is that they make the rest of you look stupid as hell.

Seriously, this is a wannabe hipster fad that while not new by any means, really needs to die. Wearing a pair of pants that look like you just dug them out of a box in your attic from when you were 8 is not attractive. Celebrities are part of the reason it’s come into power, but scene girls have been a big push to give these horrors of fashion a new life. However, based on the way they typically dress I can’t see why this ever caught on. Perhaps it was aliens.

emo-scene-hipster-it-is-the-only-conceivable-theoryTo make things worse, guys wear this nonsense as well. It looks like they just raided their younger sister’s closet. For some strange reason, girls find this attractive. Why? Running around in denim tights only makes you look like a superhero for Levi’s. Maybe you should put on a cape and call yourself Captain Girlman.

I’ve watched this fad grow more and more recently, and have almost busted out laughing at people in public when I see it. Sadly, they would not understand how ridiculous they look in it. Guys, stop wearing this and go back to being guys. You aren’t Peter Pan. Girls, just wear regular tight jeans. Your ass looks fantastic in those, and the pants can show off your legs in a way that doesn’t look like they’re going to cause nerve damage. Oh yeah, they do that too by the way.

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