Stop killing your children

Every so often, the news enters into a seasonal state. You’ll notice it by seeing a slew of the same kind of story being displayed. A few years back, kids were being kidnapped constantly, mostly from Wal-Mart. Shortly after that it was something else. More recently, everyone was shooting everyone, with comments sections on news sites and Facebook posts blowing up with debate on gun control.

While sparking an argument is likely the reasoning behind such nonsense, the news has now entered a season in which everyone can agree is something that needs to stop. We’ve seen recently that kids are being killed left and right by their parents, or at the very least not being attended to as they should which has resulted in their deaths. For that, I must say this as loudly as I possibly can:


Each day we find out that more children are dying because their parents either neglected them, abused them or straight out murdered them. They are doing it for ridiculous reasons, such as the piece of shit in NY that killed her 11 month old son because she “reached her breaking point and didn’t want him anymore“. Oh boo fucking woo you stupid cunt, I hope someone beats you to death with a brick. There is never a reason to kill your infant child. All you have to do is give them up for adoption, let them live their life.

Unfortunately, New York does not have the death penalty. This piece of garbage is a strong candidate for it, but instead she gets to live in prison and taxpayers get to pay for it. That’s right.


I want to mention that on it’s own because that’s what is going to happen. Any state that refuses to put a child murderer to death is instead saying that the citizens should be forced to pay for their food, shelter, healthcare and entertainment. In what fucking universe does that even make any sense?! You are punishing the people of this country, not the offender who MURDERED A CHILD!

Recently a man decided to leave his child in a hot car at the other end of the parking lot where he works. The child died. He says that he didn’t know the kid was in the car, that he forgot he was there. Meanwhile, damn near everything he has done in his life is pointing to this being a deliberate act. Please, let’s all vote to set this man on fire.

Speaking as a Parent

I have two children. I love my kids very much. I would never do anything like this to them. I can’t understand the disgustingly horrific mindset of these people who kill their children. To make matters worse, we also have parents who forgive those who have killed their children through drunk driving, neglect or straight out murder. I just can’t wrap my head around this way of thinking. It not only confuses me but it makes me want to hit these people.

Zahra-bakerAs many know, I have a huge problem with Elisa Baker. That’s not right. I have a massive hatred for that piece of garbage. For those that don’t know who she is, she’s the step mother who killed and dismembered her husband’s 10 year old disabled daughter, distributed her body parts in the woods and received a plea to only receive an 18 year sentence. It doesn’t matter that Zahra doesn’t get to live anymore, Elisa gets to sit comfortably in jail while they still haven’t found all of this little girl.

That particular case hit me hard. I’ve never really understood why. Perhaps it’s because when I saw her pretty smiling face in the pictures on news sites that spoke of her being a missing child, she connected with me. Maybe it’s because the murder itself was so terrible. Then again, it could be because it happened about 2 hours from where I live and I feel that I could have done something to help her.

Whatever the reason, the murder of Zahra Baker hit me like a truck. I expelled a lot of my anger over the situation in a song called Needless, a demented rant of what I wish I could do to Elisa Baker, what I wish would happen to her and how badly I feel for what befell this 10 year old girl. As I’ve come to realize, the anger was only subdued for moment, as I’ve found myself wanting to do a sequel to it and say more.

This needs to stop

There should be a special kind of punishment for child killers. Something so painful and long lasting that it makes this planet sick to even consider it. A punishment that is so horrific that the potential murdered would rather kill themselves than end the life of a child. Only then will we have a basic idea of the kind of punishment someone like that deserves.

Stop killing your children. Give them up for adoption, to friends or family that will take them in. If you are so fucked up in your head that you would kill your child, drop them off at a hospital or police station, and then step into traffic because while you do not deserve to live, they certainly do not deserve to die.

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