Stop what you’re doing, Anne Hathaway cut her hair!

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Seriously, was there absolutely nothing else going on in the world today? Right now, on Windows Live Messenger, one of the top 4 stories is about the actress Anne Hathaway cutting off her long hair. Who gives a fuck? How is that news worthy?

Much further down the screen, I see a heading that says High joblessness for years? which can only tell me that MSN values the importance of an actress getting a haircut over economic issues. Nothing against Anne Hathaway. I mean, she’s a great actress and highly hot (especially when naked), but fuck her hair. Celebrities are the least newsworthy people I know of. Unless they are curing cancer, fuck them. Report the damn news that matters. Maybe if she cut her hair with a running lawnmower while juggling babies that were on fire, would I consider this newsworthy, but as it stands it’s useless.
This obsession with celebrities is ridiculous. Somehow, it’s more important when Reese Witherspoon picks her ass in public than when someone dies, unless it involved a fire or something that exploded. On Yahoo!’s front page, they mention North Korea getting it’s rocket installed on the launch pad. This is overshadowed by Tebow talking about Easter and some dumbass viral photo of a jogger. A potentially dangerous country is setting up a rocket, and I’m supposed to give a fuck about what Tebow thinks of Easter. Fuck him and Easter.

With the mention of the stupid jogger, next to his story is one of a toddler who drowned in a washing machine. A picture of a guy smiling comes first, before a dead baby! You have to be kidding me! A child drowned in a washing machine of all things, and a guy smiling while he’s running is more important. What the fuck is wrong with you people?!

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