Teen Girl Shot by Taliban, Madonna Uses Incident for Self Attention

Just a moment ago, a headline showed up on Messenger that said Madonna strips to honor child activist. Originally, I thought it said Madonna strips to horrify child activist, which made more sense. Seriously, who wants to see Skeletor do a strip tease?

I clicked through and read the article. It described what I can only call a complete disregard for respect. I mean seriously, this asshole needs to have her head examined.

A couple days ago Madonna dedicated her striptease performance to a 14 year old girl who was shot by the asshole Taliban, just because she was blogging about how education is important to her. The tragedy itself was bad enough Madonna, pretending like you actually give a fuck by doing a strip tease with that hideous body you have is nothing short of insulting to both the girl who was shot and the cause you rallied for in order to grace the world with the horror of your body.

This kind of self serving bullshit should get this cunt bag boycotted, then deported to Antarctica. She was shot for her love of education, and here we have someone using a clear lack of it to once again show off her exhibitionist nature. We know you like to show off your body. We get it. We’ve known this shit for almost 30 fucking years. You don’t need to attach it to a child being shot by a bunch of scum bag cock suckers just to get us to notice you. Seriously, how the fuck do these two even connect?

Malala Yousafzai, who is only 14, was shot by the Taliban. Madonna apparently wants to make her punishment worse by using her as a vehicle to support her own exhibitionism and need for attention.

“A 14 year old girl was viciously shot for writing about how important education is to her. It’s terrible. We should support education and women! I’m going to do so by shaking my nasty ass body around with her name written on me! Try not to vomit!”

Madonna likes to be controversial. She always has. She loves the attention it gives her. It’s obvious to everyone except her apparently. If she really wanted to do something to support education and women, she could use some of the money that she makes off of her horrible music to bring awareness to it in a way that doesn’t involve making audience members have recurring nightmares of her disgusting body. Or she could pay for those who want the education to be moved to another country, free to study and live out their life how they see fit.

That’s the kind of shit that makes too much sense though, because it would involve using things that work and wouldn’t allow her to expose her horrendous self to people.

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