The horrors of sex aren’t enough so Lady Gaga gives her boyfriend a cat to remember her by

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

lady-gaga-_mask_oIvy7_23163Lady Gaga recently gave her boyfriend a cat in the hopes that he will remember her while she’s on her 110 date tour. This pop-tart apparently (so says a source, which means it may not even be true to begin with) gave the cat to him so he can love and cherish it forever. Cats don’t live forever, thank goodness. And did she really need to give him something to remember her by? I would think being with her for more than an hour was enough to traumatize the man for life, much like Vietnam vets who have war flashbacks randomly throughout their life. Hell, I can’t forget her no matter how much I try, and I’m not even dating these cheese head.

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