The movie Vile is exactly that and then some

Vile is similar to SAW. Several people get kidnapped and locked in a small house where they are forced to torture each other in order to secrete endorphins from their brain into a small vial that are attached to their head. Though one guy mentions that sex might produce the same results, one woman (who is a complete bitch for no reason) completely shuts down that idea. Rather than even try that idea, they commence to rip out each other’s finger nails, break legs, burn themselves, and do a variety of other things that make you cringe. For some reason, she thought that would be better than being fucked and not bleeding profusely all over the place. Personally, I would have opted for the sex, preferably with the freaked out chick with the big tits.

An issue with the film that really made no sense was that they are supposed to collect enough brain juice to equal 100% on a meter being shown on a television. Fine, but when someone dies, the meter suddenly removes whatever percentage that person had contributed. Why? Their brain didn’t suck it back up! Also, why did the people in this movie put up with that annoying bitch for so long? She was a massive problem to them all throughout the whole thing. She did nothing to help them, but instead accused everyone else of being wrong. The most annoying was when she continually tried to fuck over people in the movie, going outside of the plan they all agreed on, and when they had her down on the table suddenly started saying they were wrong because they weren’t going along with the plan. My response to that would have been to suggest we just take out the remaining percentage needed on her stupid ass. When Tony knocked her the fuck out though, both my wife and I laughed and cheered it on.

The movie wasn’t though bad. I actually liked this one, though the ending was a little fucked up. It set itself up for a sequel, and hopefully the second will be following the path that it set up and we’ll be able to see our remaining character unleash some wrath on the douchebags that did this.

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