Weight loss programs

We’ve all seen the infomercials late at night that promise amazing weight loss results without any effort at all. Bullshit gimmicks like Sensa, which want you to sprinkle magic fairy dust on your food, continue to push this ridiculous notion that you can lose weight easily with their product. Anyone who believes it has to be completely dense in their head.

Sensa is one of the products that catches my attention most because of how ridiculous it is. Unless the stuff I’m sprinkling on my food makes it taste like fresh dog shit, it’s not going to work for me. I’m going to want to eat a Frosty anyway. And a #3. Large size.

And maybe a #10.

This recent obsession with the manufactured obesity epidemic has caused companies like this to flourish even more than ever. They trot out these hot as fuck models and imply that all you need to do is buy their wonder drug and you’ll look like this. Bullshit stacked on top of bullshit. First of all, the slim woman with the rock hard abs, round butt and big tits has never in her life needed to use any of these products, period. She does what other should be doing. She works out and eats better. She probably eats less than I do as well, but I’m not trying to look like her. If I did, I’d stare at myself naked in the mirror for the rest of my life.

Still, the bullshit models pop up on our screens late at night, showing us the easiest way to lose weight is through whatever garbage they are selling. People keep looking for get slim quick gimmicks rather than putting in some disciple to lose the weight.

Feeding Tube DietRecently I saw a video of a woman who lost weight via the K-E Weight loss program. In this case, she isn’t a weight loss model but she does have the big tits. The diet is quite possibly the most disturbing of any I’ve heard of. You wear a device that gives you a constant protein and fat drip via a tube stuffed up your nose. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, you are able to lose around 20 pounds in 10 days and you aren’t hungry or need to eat normally. You can’t drink anything other than water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee.

According to the woman in the news report, she didn’t have all the time on the planet to take an hour and a half each day to work out. Ignoring just how stupid that sounds, she didn’t appear to need to lose the weight, even if I was seeing her after losing 10 pounds. Still, she dropped $1,500 to walk around looking like someone with a life threatening illness, a tired emotionally drained mess all so people might notice she lost a little weight. Sure, she could have done the same by taking a little time each day to exercise, but that would have required effort. It also would have been free. That is what I call extraordinarily lazy. I can see this lady as one of the people in the movie Wall-E, riding around on a floating chair everywhere instead of actually walking.

This weight loss insanity keeps going to extremes and it seems to have no end in sight. You have crazy people thinking everyone is obese, thinking McDonald’s is making your child fat, and wanting to lose weight right now. Sure, I’d like to drop a few pounds myself but that’s all up to me. I’m not going to hook myself up to some device that makes me look like I’m going to die in a few days, and I’m not buying your bullshit you hock on TV with people who have nearly zero percent body fat. That, is just crazy.

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