Stupid and Weird

Weird Dreams 7/5/12

Last night I had a dream in which my wife, her sister and I were leaving our giant castle sized house to go into the woods in our backyard. I guess all three of us lived together, I’m not sure. There were other people there in the background as well, but they weren’t really part of the focus so I couldn’t say who they were.

We went into the woods looking for a path. We found it and it was next to a small cottage, sort of like what you might find in an old movie about Finland in the 1800s or something. We heard some people yelling or getting pissed, coming from the house. We turned and ran up the path, and I told them to go ahead, I was going to stop whoever it was. I turned back and saw this huge crowd of about 30-40 midgets running toward us, wanting to kill us. So I said screw that and turned and ran back out of the woods.

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