Your Friends Are a Facebook Privacy Issue

I have a friend who likes to keep her Facebook stored pictures private. She has around 100 friends, many of which are family members. She keeps her page locked down, and doesn’t add people who she doesn’t know.

She has a friend who is quite the opposite. She’s playing the MySpace game on Facebook, like so many other teenagers. She’ll add pretty much anyone. If she knows of them, or thinks they are attractive, she adds them. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t really know them because she seems to think that adding more people somehow makes her popular for real. Thanks to that theory, she has over 1000 “friends”. She actually knows less than 5% of the people she has added.

Since my friend, the girl who is conservative about who she allows to view her pictures, is friends with the girl who is basically a slut with her account, she has herself locked into a screwed up privacy loophole. If her friend tags herself in pictures that my friend has taken, those pictures will show up on her page. Her 1000+ made up friends will now have access to her pictures.

Since the account slut will add anyone, that also gives everyone access to her wall of posts, pictures, and other crap she adds. Locking her page, or adding cute bullshit like “Works At None of Your Business, Stalkers!” is completely pointless. You’re already letting everyone see your shit anyway because you’re blindly adding everyone.

A lot of teenage girls like to complain when pictures from their Facebook account show up on other sites. They like to claim that their page was hacked. It wasn’t hacked you dumb fuck, one of the people you added to your account shared it with the world.

Facebook can be a nice way to connect to other people, but stop being a fuckhead with it. Nobody is impressed with the number of friends you have. Nobody! It’s like saying “Check out how many people have a key to my house! I’m awesome!” No, you’re a fucking idiot.

Oh, and those cute little messages so many people like to put in as their job…stop. No one gives a fuck that you don’t have a job, either. No one is stalking you. You aren’t that fucking important you douche bag.

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